Scavenger Hunt from Life #102: Feb 5 - Feb 13

Ai - The monument of the King looks very fierce and great drawing on the tissue box
Joan - Great continuous line work! And I love the flowers and the Glasshouse watercolors! You brought the glasshouse scene to life with your painting! I saw your painting set-up in your car. I thought "Aha, so thats how she does it!" and I see its essential to have a board to balance your paintbox etc on. I will take a board next time!
Jo - Nice pen work on the bear and monkey. Not sure why but the contrast seems stronger and line work crisper. 👍🏽

Ai - Like the King in a kind of silhouette. Nice line work on tissue and box.

Joan - It is not the focus but this is another painting I am keeping to study. The tree bark is great. Much like you described the shingles not too much not too little. Sounds like Goldilocks 🤣 the flowers are beautiful. The ink continuous line is impressive.

Robin, Vivien, lurkers - *waves

Keep sketching
Joan, great idea to use the colored pens. Mine just sit there for the most part. Nice continuous line on the milk bottle, fruit and cup. Good job on the purse.

Ai and Vivien, Happy Valentine's Day. Is yours the same there?
Ai, thanks for the Hunt! I got a few more than I have been, maybe my average.

Hi Robin... Another Hunt already. I'm dumbfounded.

Fletch, thanks. I think the line may be from a thicker nib?? Stronger line that way. Joan's bark is definitely something to check and try.

It was absolutely gorgeous out today. Like spring but baseball starts Friday and we will probably get a cold front. Ha. I can't believe I never sketched a cup this time. I have a new one. Here is my sketch from my walk in the Ohuhu sketchbook with a Micron 03 and watercolors and the waterbrushes. Splotches are from the other side of the page.

Number 13 free space (I put or wood on it but I think I already sketched wood)
Vivien, yummy looking bananas. Great color of bowl for them, sets them off nicely. Excellent shapes and color.
Vivien, it helps to have a board to balance the paints and the water too. I've started doing that when I paint in my lap outdoors. Nice ellipse on the bowl and good work on the bananas.

Fletch, thanks so much.

Jo, thanks. I like your sketch from your walk. Nice texture on the tree bark and the needles.
I apologize for this comment being days late 🙏☺️

Ai — Thank you for hosting SH #102 even though you weren't feeling well... Sending healthy vibes your way ❤️‍🩹

Joan and JoC and Ai and Robin and Joe/Fletch and Ned

I'm grateful for your generous comments about my comments, if that makes sense. But you each comment far more over the course of each event than I do, and the value of the insights and expertise you share is priceless. I wish I could offer more, but I'm still a beginner at... well, everything really. And that gives me the joy and pleasure of learning from each of you as the events go by.

And now, as I'm finding myself having to start all over in art, as in life, I realize that it wouldn't have been possible if you hadn't all reached out and helped me begin again, and take each step as if for the first time. Thank you all so much for giving me courage, and truly saving my artistic life, bit by bit ❤️💞💓❤️