Scavenger Hunt #104: Feb 21-29

Joan, love the indoor sketches. Clever finds, I may copy the hand idea. Yummy almonds, the bag looks real. Oooh, I like shortbread, too, and you know me and red apples.

Ned, what is your team? I forgot. Wish they would come to Texas and you would follow. The Longhorns are in Houston this weekend for a tournament. Play LSU Friday night so the Minute Maid Stadium is sold out! Our stadium holds about 8000 and LSU's holds about 12000 so guess they are all going to Houston except us. Ha. Looking forward to your darker ink addition. Joan has done some beauties with the extra dark shadows. I really like this from nature sketch. The trees really stand out.

Ai, hi there.

Hi to all the rest.
Ned, thanks for your comment. Your shading on the group of trees is good. Nice to be retired and have time to do all the things you love.

Ai, thanks. I don't know why I get so lazy and don't sketch the "indoor" items as much as I used to. lol That should be easy since I sit on the couch most evenings.

Jo, glad you like my snacks. The package was fun to paint...a little different. Couldn't come up with something unique for the open and closed. Seems I doing my hands is too easy. lol Been watching those Texas wildfires...yikes!

Hope everyone has a good day. Windy and cold here today...but sunny.
Joan, I used your idea! The wildfires are horrible. You wouldn't think there would be that much to burn on the plains. Just awful. May get some rain/snow there today.

I sketched quickly at my desk. Going to pick up Gene's new glasses in Austin of course on our coldest day. Hope it is our last day of winter. ha. About 40-45º . Spring for you folks up north!
In the BookFactory sketchbook, a page, Micron 03 at home.
Number 3 and 4 - open and closed

Jo, hope your cold weather doesn't last too long. It was cold here today too. Glad to see you also did the hands for open and closed. Will go over and get the new list shortly...recycled is fun too.
Joan: Thanks for hosting this Hunt amongst your busy schedule. Just enjoy doing arts wherever you are, indoor or outdoor. We always are enjoy seeing them from you.

Jo: That is OK... I have been slow too myself. See ya at the next Hunt.