Post those pet pics!!

Jack has no shame…
The cat of my photographer friend, Frank Williams, Schuyler Falls, NY.
Mr. Catface thought this was an easy snatch but Chippy bounced like a rocket and left him sitting bewildered. Insults were hurled, cat pride was hurt.


That's a still photo, but if you watch it carefully, you can see that cat twitching with anticipation.
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I posted this pic on another thread, but it really belongs here. This is a photo... the only photo I have... of my beautiful dog, Wolfgang. It was taken before smartphones allowed us to take hundreds of photos of our lunch and our pups without so much as a second thought. Luckily, I made a scan of the original photograph before it was lost. Wolfgang was a mix of German Shepherd, Husky, and Wolf... and he was huge... but a big baby:


This weekend I've been just taking it easy... frequent naps or just sitting around on the couch... as a try to fight off a particularly nasty cold/infection. My pups know Dad isn't feeling well so they are also sleeping next to him:



Feel better St. Luke. Hannah and I have also been sick. It sucks! Wish we had some pups as medicine here. Your Wolfgang was gorgeous! ♥️