Portrait WIP


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I posted this earlier in the What Are You Working On thread but thought I would give it its own thread as a WIP.



Still a long way to go but I'm making a little progress. 3 more to go before Christmas! o_O
Adorable and amazing sno!!!! Those are certainly stellar Xmas gifts. Are they giving you a pile of cash or something? Or are you just in the giving mood? ;)
Thank you Arty, Jo, ams, Bethany, and Nufocus. I appreciate all the kind expressions.💕
Snoball, I don't think there are more beautiful gifts in the world than this, it's already fantastic, I'm glad you took some time for your art, and you showed us these pictures, really nice work, thank you.
What treasures you have created, sno ! Priceless.
There probably is not enough money in the world to pry this from the ones who love her.
Fantastic admirable ability is evident in your works. Congratulations.
Such a charming portrait. I’m sure it will be cherished. You caught that sparkle in her personall.
It’s perfect! I’m happy to hear that you decided it was finished, Sometimes I want to do that one last thing and then I ruin the whole piece,👍