Plein Air with Putters


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I was driving around looking for something to paint when I came upon a Putting green. There was something special about it, but not a good composition - and then Henri Rosseau's "The Football Players" came to mind and directly across from the green was the perfect place to set up. I knew then it was meant to be and I had to paint it.

putting green.jpg

I got the green painted, then went back to the Studio and added the football players - I mean putters.

"Plein Air with Putters" - oil on 18" x 14" panel
Plein Air with Putters2600.jpg
There is something about this that I really like....
Ahh as an amateur chancer myself, paint wise....I really appreciate how you've lightened the
middle of the green......
Thanks Dave - the middle yellow/green is to breakup the green so it's not just one big blob. Btw the figures scattered all over like that is not that far off from how it actually looked.
Thanks D - I'm adding some hills in the b.g. behind the trees so it looks more natural.