Painting over “canvas art”

Donna T

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Is it a dumb idea to try to paint over those mass-produced canvasses that are everywhere now? Some of them come in decent wood floater frames which I imagine could be covered with tape before gessoing and painting. I picked up a free one from Facebook marketplace and want to experiment with it. It’s 30x40 inches and had a few dings and depressions which I got out with an iron and steam on the backside. Should it be primed with something like Kilz first and then a few coats of gesso? I know this isn’t archival and it’s nothing I would ever try to sell but … it was free! I’m slowly recovering from hand surgery and can’t even tie my shoes yet but someday I’d like to see what I can do with this. Thanks for any thoughts.
Let me say firstly, welcome back. I was wondering where you got of to. As for your question you could use oil based Klitz and wouldn't need a coat of gesso. However, it is very strong smelling stuff. Best done out in the shed and left there till dry anfpdvthgen out in a breeze to get the last fumes. If the originals are oil then it is Klitz unless you get oil based gesso as acrylic won't adhere on oil. Perhaps someone with more experience can prove me wrong and that's ok if I am.
Thanks Wayne. I wonder if this is a giclee - aren’t they kind of a plasticy coating on canvas? I’ll be using acrylics but probably not any kind of texture so I won’t stress the veneer-covered particle board stretchers on the back. I was happy that the “canvas” didn’t melt when I ironed out the dents - that would have been a mess.
Actually you could be right. Printer's ink. If it is wrapped canvas then you can apply gesso on the side and if it adheres and doesn't swim around like oil on water, then you will know that acrylic gesso will do the trick.
Great to see you here, Donna! I have nothing to offer about your question, I've just missed seeing your beautiful work. :) Sounds like progress is slow from the hand surgery. You'll be tying those shoes again, never fear! ❤️