A surprise gift for a friend


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Well, I haven’t been around in a dog’s age. My health has been very poor and I spent a month in the hospital in July and getting nursing care and IVs for months before and after… but here I am! I finally got the large drawing done for a friend. His wife lost her cat of 20 years and we are surprising her with this. It was on my brain wanting to get done the whole time I wasn’t able to do it. But just as soon as I could, I Jerry rigged the most comical set up to do my art in bed. And I got it done in two days. I’m pleased -it’s been over 20 years since I’ve used charcoal. I was just so thrilled to be doing art. I did put some finishing touches on a big modern piece a few weeks ago before my health took a turn again. I had a real fight with sepsis, so maybe I’ll show that over in the abstract section. Even if I got up for two or three minutes at a time I would do something and then I would stare at it from bed. And you can just imagine that I was making adjustments the whole time in my head/ on my phone art app ! And even though it took a long time, it was so worth it. Every time I worked on a piece I went to bed with a smile on my face. At one point I just so wanted to touch the canvas again. Anyways, I hope you like this one. There’s a little pastel for the green eyes. Otherwise it’s just straight charcoal or vine charcoal.
Welcome back! What a beautiful piece! I'm so sorry about your health. I hope you are feeling better now. I imagine you like Frida working in your bed. This drawing has a lot of great contrast and dynamics to it. I'm sure they are very pleased with it. It's really special. ♥️
I'm so sorry you've had such a struggle with your health but so very happy that you have found the joy in making art again! I can feel the excitement in your words and hope that you'll be able to make up for lost time now that you are getting better. Sepsis ... yikes! This is a beautiful, sensitively done drawing and I'm sure your friend will treasure it. I can relate to her loss as I had to say goodbye to our 20 year-old cat recently. Keep feeling better!
Oh, I'm so sorry you've been having such health problems. You certainly did turn out a beautiful piece of art though. ❤️ I know the recipient will be so delighted with it.
Thanks so much for your lovely comments and well wishes. It is much appreciated. 🙂
I’m glad you like it.
This is such a tender composition, I am just smitten with it. Your friend will love it! Excellent work with the charcoal - very impressive, since it's been so long. Wow! You haven't lost a thing! ❤️

I'm so sorry you've had these health issues. I hope you get well and stay well - and that you can continue making such gorgeous work. It's not for nothing that we say how therapeutic art is!
Thank you,Terri. What a lovely thing to say. I’m so happy you enjoy looking at my work. It was a wonderful pose. He sent me pictures of the cat and then he happened to throw one in with his wife. Now honestly, it was so nice I actually would like to do a gestural/figure drawing with it. It’s only a casual snap. But she’s sitting on an office chair holding this cat and if you see beyond the part I have shown, her full body is almost like an S on both sides- just the shape of her body and it’s quite beautiful. Her whole body representing her love wrapping around this cat. I debated drawing it all-keeping it very loose and like a line gestural, instead of something like this. I still might try myself because I have a feeling it would be great if I could get it right.
Alas, sepsis is just the last thing on top of a very serious medical condition. And other conditions created by treatment. Some life-threatening. But I’m 51 and I try to stay cheerful. Very thankful i have art to think about, aim to do, and can do it in small ways when i have the strength. I use to take it for granted. Everything for granted. Lije breathing, moving, etc. Walking across the room. I could do anything I wanted. So I just try to be mindful that this is like a massive gratitude exercise.
I also want to say since I’ve had some moments that were pretty tricky, and things didn’t look so good, and I was looking at the possible end, not in theory but in reality, how much I appreciate all you good people. I just feel love for my time here and those who have crossed my path. Even the challenging players in my life. Things look different from here. 🙂 Thanks again.
PaintBoss, it's a wonderful work, a beautiful gift, he will like it very much.
I'm happy to see you publish your work, I love your art. I missed admiring her, I'm sorry you felt worse.
Your art is wonderful and so are you, every word of yours makes me want to be a better person, I hope it's better now, that you can create your art whenever you want.
Thank you for showing us this work of yours and for sharing your art and thoughts with us. we always appreciate it so much, you have an exceptional artistic talent and so are you. thank you very much.
Sorry to hear what you've been through, and hope you're on the mend now. Sending hugs 🙂

This is a beautiful portrait and such a thoughtful gift. Well done for picking up the charcoal again, it looks as though you've never been away from it!
A touching work. Super.
I am one who specialises in 'gift-art' and there are rewards for both...the artist giving and the person receiving....!
Dear people I am so sorry taking so long to reply. I ended up in hospital again for quite a while. Making good progress now, just coming back to life in steps. Hope to do more art as I can…maybe just small stuff for now, and hopefully share it with you. I wish to thank you for the beautiful comments, sentiments you expressed to me. Joe, your words especially touched my heart. Thank you all. Hope everyone is well. Hope to find your work onsite.🙂
Thank you. I felt the history/pose was so special for an artist to draw.
She hung it up in her office. When she realized she was getting a surprise and it had come in the mail and her husband had put it on the table unopened, she then took several weeks to open it! I was just so anxious. I knew she was going to like it. Not bragging, I just thought it was something she would have the predisposition to love. She was afraid to open it because she was so emotional. She wanted to wait to the right time. Just about killed me. At the time everything was going wrong, but that was a bright spot for me so I really wanted the response. Maybe needed it in fact. I didn’t have much power over what was happening to me and what was going on. But this was something I had the power to do. To make someone happy in a small way. It’s a wonderful thing. Nothing better then surprising somebody with something they love.( Generally the joyful aspect when I do commissions). Lots of happiness when she opened it. The other thing I wanted to do was to post without ruining the surprise. 🙂
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Happy that the gift gave such emotion and joy, it deserves a lot, it excites, and that once he opened the package (fortunately he then opened it :) and saw it) he put it in a place where he will see it frequently, thus reliving , experiencing a beautiful emotion every time.
Beautiful work and surely much appreciated... and I hope you are feeling good right now. All the best!