FYI - new Report feature!


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Hey everyone! I just wanted to notify our Creative Spark family of a new feature. It’s a Report feature, which some of you may already be familiar with. This is available for all members to use to alert the Moderating team of any posts that may seem like spam, or even something as simple as calling our attention to a duplicate post.

When you click the "Report" button on the post in question, you can add a few words about why you’re reporting it (example: "Looks like spam"), and then send it along. The Moderating team will receive it and be able to respond.

Here’s a quick screen shot of where the Report button is located on every post:

Example of Report feature for CS, edited, resized.jpg

Easy as pie! A big thanks to Hannah for enabling this feature for us, and thanks to you ALL for your continuing participation and support. :)