November Watermedia Challenge


Here are your references to paint in watermedia, any watermedia such as watercolor, diluted acrylic, gouache, ink, acrylic ink, etc. Post within this thread any time during the month.
Thanks to JStarr for posting images last month!

Pearl by window.jpg

Studio kitty Pearl

Bison RIL.jpg



Sunny lilies

files 1998-2009_0917.jpg

Reptile in Mexico sunning itself

IR beacg scene.jpg

Indian Rocks beach, Florida

Old Wagon Yesterdaze.jpg

Old wagon at antique store, Ruidoso New Mexico

Toy Teddies in antique store.jpg

Antique stuffed teddy bears
Thanks, Kay. I am going on holiday in a few days, but may try one later in the month.
If I drink a lot of water, and maybe rinse out my hand cloth in water, can I do the lilies and the wagon (I've seen that when sightseeing near my folks in Alamogordo) huh-huh-huh?

Really greats refs- REALLY GREAT- most so simple and clean- not scary to contemplate as mine were (truth was, I lost track of time and had to throw stuff in as I found it!) I look forward to seeing what folks will do!
There is lovely Pearl! Sorry about the duplicate image, Anne, and I'm thrilled with this portrayal of Miss Priss.
Sleepy Buffalo.jpg

10.25x9 mixed media on sketchbook paper, a buffalo or bison profile. I used watercolor, ink, Montana acrylic markers to create this fellow resting in the grass.
I tried another one. This turned out to be more of a challenge than I expected when I started to unravel where all of the petals were. It was challenging but fun.

This is about 5"x5", ink and watercolor in XL Mix Media Sketchbook.

20231116Sk9 Colorful Lilies (Water Media Challenge).png
Beautiful Kay. I like what you did with the background too.

Do you do your backgrounds wet in wet?
Anne, excellent job done with Pearl and lilies. After seeing your lilies I want to give the lilies ref a try.
Kay, interesting texture in your bison, well done. The lilies is spectacular. I keep returning to see them again and again how beautiful they are.
I'm completely behind.... sigh. I got hung up in pastels this month. I do use water for the under painting sometimes. Ha.

Anne, such a lovely pinky pearl. Fits the name. Anne your lilllies are very elegant. Well done on both paintings.

Kay, your buffalo is excellent, I like the hide, too. The lillies are very exciting. The background makes them pop.

moscatel, wow, nice job on Pearl. I've never tried a painting in gouache. I like the dry brush look for the fur.
You have captured Pearl Moscatel. The varied colors make for a very interesting painting. I like the effect. I've never worked in gouache. Sounds as it it might take some getting used to.