March 2024 Water Media Challenge

Jo Castillo

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Hello, and Welcome to the monthly challenge 👋

You can use any water media such as watercolour, diluted acrylic, gouache, ink, acrylic ink, etc. Post within this thread any time you like.

These challenges never close so anyone can do an image they like even if the month is over.

Here are your images for March (all my own photos) from New Mexico and Texas. Feel free to crop or invert or combine any way you like. Have fun.










Jo's Cosmos.jpg

5x5 watercolor on Bristol 300 series 100 lb paper done this afternoon, a crop of the lovely cosmos. Also I replaced the brown fence with a white picket one and added cast shadows across it. Rosa paints made in Ukraine were the brand used.
C&C welcome!
nice reference Jo.
Kay , wonderful job.

I tried this digital drawing, I saw the photo of the donkey and I tried to do it, I've always found donkeys fantastic.

I tried using digital watercolour, a brush that simulates watercolour, I also put the initial drawing, out of curiosity, do you think one of the two is better? color or without.

the colored ones are 2, because in one I changed the left eye.

the colored ones are 2, because in one I changed the left eye.
the largest one, with a larger left eye, is the last one

2024-03-03 22-30.jpeg
2024-03-03 23-01 1.jpeg
2024-03-03 23-01.jpeg
joe1lt, I would think you would like the donkey. He is probably related to Eeyore. Ha. I like the black and white because I like pen and ink so much. Your addition of color works well as watercolor. Applause.
Sanlynn, I sure do like your quick and messy! Really beautiful capture of those flowers. You’ve got a lot of life in your work.💜
Kay, lovely work as always.😀
Joe, hmmm, choices, dilemma. Ok, I like the colour. More punch. But i like your rendering in the drawing even more. The right eye is beautiful rendered. It got a wee bit lost in the painted versions. One is a bit small, the other is bigger but not as clear as your drawing. I like that you are trying digital. I keep meaning to.

I'm impatient waiting for paint to dry so I like to sketch freehand in ink and then just "color" with watercolor. I left a lot out and noticed I left the ladders off the back. This is out by our ponds. The fire dept were practicing using portable rubber tubs to hold water from the ponds. I guess in case you couldn't get close with a helicopter or truck you can pump to the big tub and then to the recipient. I didn't get the tub thing in this photo. This sketch was sort of fun to try.
You’ve done a stellar line and wash ! I like your fire people, they all look like they have a job to do.
Sanlynn, thank you. I really like our local fire department, volunteers. You can see more photos on my blog about that day and what they were doing.