January 2024 Water Media Challenge


Here are your references to paint in water media this month.

You can use any water media such as watercolor, diluted acrylic, gouache, ink, acrylic ink, etc. Post within this thread any time during January. These challenges never close so anyone can do an image they like even if the month is over.

References are from morguefile free photos.
AME Zion Methodist Church.jpg

AME church in North Carolina

daffodils in vase.jpg

daffodils in vase



watermelon blue shutter.jpg

watermelon slice and blue shutter

orange tabby kitten.jpg

orange tabby kitten



garden flowers.jpg

garden flowers



Flower market Amsterdam.jpg

Amsterdam flower market
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Sandra, this is very bright and beautiful on my screen! Canon sketch books are very difficult for me to paint on, so kudos to you. Very fresh looking.
Beautiful Sanlynn. The colors are gorgeous even here. I can imagine what the original must be like.
Wow! Such brightness! So used to seeing gray, moody skies lately. Gorgeous warm colors, truly a floral watercolor worth framing!
Kay, lovely and painterly. Great variety of greens in the foreground shrubs. Composition leads the eye to the church.
Mushroom, about 5" square, Pen & Ink and watercolor.

This ended up almost a monochromatic painting. It is mostly burnt umber with little touches of other color here and there.

20240107Sk9 Mushroom (Water Media Challenge).png
Thanks Jo. They make me hungry too. I put mushrooms in almost all of my soups and most hot dishes that I cook.

It's interesting to me how the ink lines are so much more prominent in the scan than they are in the original. They are barely noticeable on the original but very dark in the scan. I'm not sure how to get the scan to look more like the original.
Clever brown neutrals in this natural subject, Anne, very fresh and invigorating! Love mushrooms.
Here are the garden flowers (simplified a bit) in my 8x8" 100g Khadi sketchbook. I'm aiming to fill the book with quick, loose sketches; this is my first one. I used Schmincke watercolours. I'm thinking of adding some ink to it, but wanted to post it here first in case I ruin it!