January 2024 Water Media Challenge

Sanlynn - I love your daffodils, so bright and joyful. One of my favourite flowers.

Kay - lovely painting, I really like all those colours in the trees.

Anne - lovely fresh mushroom! Lovely delicate ink lines.
Lovely flowers Kay,

Here's mine of the church.

20240116Sk9 Mount Zion Church (Water Media).png

Ink & Watercolor in 5"x7" XL Mixed Media sketchbook.
Kay - such delicate flowers that look perfect as is. Your treatment of the background is unique and fun.

Anne - your version of the church is simple and straightforward using line and wash. Fresh green mixes for the foliage sets the white building off nicely.
I finally tried the vodka glass. Very challenging and ..... It's in a watercolor sketchbook I got many years ago in Michigan from an artist. 9.5 x 7.25 inches. Cold press paper. A mix of watercolors after sketching shape of glass with Sharpie.

Good work Jo! This was a tricky reference, and I like your use of colour. The stem on the glass is really good. :)