National Coffee Day



It is National Coffee Day! This is titled "PerkFection" and a day is always perfect once it is begun with that strong beverage with no cream no sugar. Size 8.5x5.5 on Bienfang sketchbook of a stainless steel percolator (people still use those? I do) and coffee cup with roses. After ink line drawing done with Micron 01 pen, watercolor was added to pot, cup, and table. Background is blue and red Montana acrylic markers.
C&C welcome
lovely color .. the pot leans right and the cup leans left .. too much coffee, maybe :ROFLMAO:
Great color and mid-century pop art look.

A few years ago, I bought a golf bag through Craigslist. When I went to get it, the guy was selling one of those huge logo coffee percolators and I couldn’t resist buying it. It’s a bright blue ‘Maxwell House‘ pot. I’ve never used it, but it sure is pretty. Lol!
Isn’t that every day? ;) Very good job and makes me want my coffee, which I can’t have until I get home later this morning.
Looks like my old Farberware pot - it is still my favorite pot of all time. When the innards cracked my husband wanted to try something else, and nothing keeps coffee as hot.

Great job on the stainless steel and the reflections!
It is so cheerful! And I love the wordplay title. I think perkolator is misspelled however. 😁

I drink tea. I wouldn't swap the samnovar for anything.