Scavenger Hunt from Life #47: Nov 23 - Dec 1

Ai, you started us off so well. Love Iris on the piano. We've seen her grow up. Great idea with the jasmine. Love the wonky sketching chair. I'm smiling. Ai, great assortment of work from your day out sketching. Wow! The temple is beautiful and the food makes me hungry. Excellent.

Joan, beautiful scene with the buildings and wonderful variety of items. Good find for steps and relaxing. Nice work. So nice that you remembered the Christmas tree sale. Super sketch.

Sylvia, I like the monochromatic pot and mug. Very nice. The cooking is so descriptive. Love that you did potatoes.

Hi Joe. Nice sauce pan. You are doing great with the ink!

rabbit/Julie, hi there!! Happy to see you and look forward to your sketches. Do you still have the "naked Barbie:"? Looking forward to some sketches. I've lost my blog reader with my new computer so haven't put all the blogs in my new reader. Haven't seen yours for a while.

I sketched on the footstool watching TV. Not the best idea, look at the TV and forget what I was doing. Sigh.
These are in the ArtStreet sketchbook with a Micron 02.
Number 1, relating to travel - maps
Number 2, relating to relaxing - Gene in his new chair that can stand him up or eject him as he says.


Thank you all for the comments.
Hi @wabbitt t, it's nice to meet you too. I hope you can start sketching soon.
@AiArts nice sketch from your location.
@Joan T lovely scene.
Very impressive ink sketches, @Jo Castillo. The chair is the perfect place for relaxing or nap. :)

#3 sweet and #4 sour
Julie: Thanks so much ... Hope you get settled and sketch some. Yes, the girls are bigger than me now.

Joan: Thanks. You did great Xmas tree shopping sketch. Wonderful festive memory.

Joe: Thanks... Love the see Gene in a nice sketch with the recliner... great map sketches.

Sylwia-D: Thanks. Lovely persimmons and lemons.
some mighty good sketching happening here!

1. Related to car- people waitting in lines
at license plate office (2 pocket sketchbook ditties)
2. Thick file box
3 thin pieces of card stock saves from crown royal box
4. Multicolored watercolor paints
5. Indoor lamp
6. outdoor trees
7. Closed window
8. Open paintbrush holder
it's all fantastic, incredible that everything comes from life, with all the challenges that drawing from life implies.
I haven't drawn anything for hunting yet but I think I've chosen some subjects
Joan: Lovely capture of the tree lot. I'm especially drawn how you handled textures like that red puffy jacket and distant foliage.

Jo: Hi! I still have nekkid Barbie, but I don't know where she is at this time. LOL, it's nice of Gene to "pose" in his chair. He looks happy.

Sylwia: Ooo, persimmon. I just ate the last one I had, but I think it was the other kind which is flatter and can be eaten while it's still crispy and it doesn't bite back. Well done with those colors.

Robin: wow, you managed alot of items. I do like your watercolor of your desk though.
Sylwia - Again your background makes the salt and potatoes pop. Nice shading too. Like the lighting and Shadows in Sweet and Sour. Nice composition too.

Ai - Once more thank you for a peek into your culture. Pretty still life. Nest looking boat.

Wabbit - Welcome back to the Hunt. Feel free to lurk but pencil and sketchbook ar3 great way to ease back in to the addiction.

Joan - The sauce pan was pulled out for making the stuffing. Nice work on the people and the trees.

Jo - would take some searching but we have some paper maps somewhere. Like Gene’s new chair. Does he like it? Comfy? Will probably be looking for a review. Sharon will probably like that.

Robin - like the bonus sketches at the DMV. Cool setup with lots of items. Nicely done. Thanks for the reference.

I have been focused on finishing the iguana for my art course as I need to do something for a Christmas card very very soon 😎 Heads up my Christmas card will be my next ‘reason’ for slipping in the Hunt.

Keep sketching

P.S. The Iguana is posted in Pen and Marker a forum.
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Happy Belated US Thanksgiving to those who celebrated!

Sylwia - great monochromatic! Lovely cannister and taters. Yay persimmons!
Joe - great pan
Ai - love the temples you draw/paint and photograph :) Yummy sweets :) Mmmm mango and sticky rice :) Lovely combo of dry and wet media for the building sketch
Joan - yahoo with the xmas trees :)
Jo - yahoo maps and I can hear Gene snoozing in his chair
Robin - love the still life set up with all the art tools!

I have some sketches! Ink, 5x8" page

1. thick - ice cream scoop
2. thin - 1/8 teaspoon measuring spoon
3. closed - blue marker
4. open - pink marker
5. multicoloured - 4-colour pen
6. monochromatic - red pen


Hi everybody.

Sylvia, I like your sweet and sour. The orangey with the blue background sings. The plant in container is fun.
Robin, love your sketches, especially the watercolor paintbox, etc. I also like your lines in the lined sketchbook/notebook.

Jo - would take some searching but we have some paper maps somewhere. Like Gene’s new chair. Does he like it? Comfy? Will probably be looking for a review. Sharon will probably like that.
Ha, Joe. We used to keep maps in the car. Still have an atlas in the travel car when GPS gets lost!! The chair worked for its purpose to lift Gene after surgery. It is not as comfy as his old one and is a tiny bit large. Feet don't touch floor if he sits back. Hard to find chairs for short people! We got the least expensive we could find for the time. The brand is Moto Motion.

EP, fun to see you and your "framed" sketch. I like your choices and colors!!

Maybe I'll sketch now......
Jo, thanks so much. Glad to see some people still have maps. With the GPS taking over most people don't seem to use them at all. I still have a lot of them around and keep a few in the car. Gene looks very comfy in his "ejecting" chair. They do come in handy.

Sylwia, thank you. Lovely still life of your fruit...persimmons??? I've only tasted them once or twice, but I liked them. Don't know why I never buy them. Love the color harmony in the plant in the container. The use of the colors of the flowers in the reflection on the container works so well.

Ai, thanks.

Robin, fun sketches of the people in line. Love the collection of items in watercolor.

Joe 1, I hope you get some sketching done.

EP, thanks for your comment. Nice collection of sketches. I like that you found a multicolored pen. I don't think I have one of those around. Wish I had some ice cream to go with your scoop.

8 - plant in a container - watercolors and ink
9 - closed shops


11 - hard paved street and curbs - watercolors and ink

Joan, wow, your Christmas on Main St. is so good. Fun to find so many items. I really like both sketches. Gene did as well!

I got to sit on the porch again today so played in the watercolor. Joan and Ai inspire.
Number 3, outdoors
I agree with you, Jo, that Joan's and Ai's outdoor sketches are inspiring, and your trees as well. I like the warm autumn colours in your sketch.
Thanks Sylwia. Well done on many pieces. The red backgroud flower pot is glowing.

Joan: Thank you. Amazing Xmas scenes... wow !!! I envy your art energy.

Jo: Thank you... Cool outdoor with delicate leaves. You make me blushed.

EP: Thank you... A big set of happy items from you. Love them.

Robin: Thank you... I am smiling at your happy glowing watercolor sketches too.

Joe1: Thanks.

Joe & Julie: Hello.

Well folks... sorry I was out of steam.... Just finish my teaching semester and will get 3 weeks off before restarting a new term again.
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Thanks Sylwia and Ai.

Ai, enjoy your time off and reboot your energy. Hugs to you and yours.
Sylwia, thanks so much!

Jo, thanks. I'm trying to make my street scenes look more believable. Glad to inspire you to do some colorful trees.

Ai, thank you. Hope you find time to relax. You seem to always be so busy.

We had a rainy day today and I spent most of it inside getting my artwork organized for the show I'm doing soon. It takes a lot of time. Now we are going out to eat for my birthday. Some lobster will probably make it onto my plate for dinner.

I'm out of practice doing self-portraits...and I forgot to darken the eye on the left. Not enough wrinkles either. lol
12 - ink


13 - source of energy - ink & watercolors

Awwww, Joan. Happy Birthday! It came on my calendar yesterday and I guess I dismissed it instead of snoozing it and we went to Austin and I forgot. Hope you get your lobster!!

Your self portrait and comments made me smile. I'm so jealous of Gene's family, they have so few wrinkles. Comes from his Mom's side. I need ironing as a friend says. Excellent battery.
Thanks Jo and Joan.

Joan: Love your SP and adorable comments... I have not done my own SP for a long while.