Marker 87 - pastel


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From the same source as the previous post.
I had a smearing disaster with this one that I managed to mostly fix; learned a lot the hard way.
18x24 in pastel/paper - plus a few marks of acrylic and gouache


I am debating whether to make the number 87 more prominent or not.
I am debating whether to make the number 87 more prominent or not.

Don't. All the other elements of this painting are rather loose and Impressionistic. You don't want that single element to have greater clarity and immediately jump out from the rest.
I love this one. One of my favorites for sure! I don't know about making the rock address more prominent. I was be reluctant, but then again it might be a brave move too. Not sure. That's something that could make or break it, depending on what kind of art you're making.
I had voted to make it just a tiny bit more prominent but my reply floated out into cyberspace somewhere. :giggle:
SLG - Thanks for your valued advice. I made me think that maybe I was too concerned with justifying the title and lost sight of the big picture.

Arty - Thanks for you thoughts on this one, and for liking it.

sno - I'm glad you took the trouble of following up, appreciated. I will probably use a scrap of my Duralar to make a faint mark on it and lay it over the marker just to see how much it changes it temporarily.

Desforges - Thanks