CHALLENGE ~ Imaginary Winter Landscape


Here is an extra challenge if anyone wants to try it using watermedia (watercolor or thin acrylics) and a white crayon.

Step 1 – On dry paper, sketchbook or watercolor paper 140 lb cold or hot press, make vertical and horizontal marks with the white crayon for the snow or ice. Press fairly hard. You won’t be able to see it until color is applied.

Step 2 – Layer washes using various neutrals, pale blues, browns, or a mix of palette grey. Splatter while wet with white gouache, watercolor, or thin acrylic. I used Coastal Fog (American Journey).

The first application of paint over crayon marks should look something like this:

Icebound WIP.jpg

Size is 6×9″ on Grumbacher 140 lb cold press paper.

Splatters using a mixed brown appear on white trees for dead leaves.
Finished painting of Icebound.


I really wanted to try this, Kay, but I have no white crayon (that isn't water soluble) or even an oil pastel. So I tried it with soft gloss gel. I couldn't get it to spread to make fine lines but it did preserve the white of the paper. Doing the splatters was the best part. I'm not sure what those big white blobs in the center are ... ice in water maybe? Thanks for explaining your steps! 4 1/2 x6 on watercolor paper
Oooh, Donna, this turned out so well and has a wintry feel with a tad bit of sunshine peeking through. The gel worked! I’ve also used a white wax candle as a resist.
Fascinating approach - so interesting. Thanks for posting this challenge, Kay. I have very little water media but might poke around to see what's possible.

Beautiful work from both of you!
Thanks for the tutorial and challenge. I must have some sort of wax someplace. Beautiful results.

Donna, you did well. Pretty scene.
Kay, thanks for the ideas. I had ordered dome wax resist sticks, but they were backordered for nearly a year and then cancelled. I may have some wax, but am rubbish at landscapes.

Donna, the color choices are lovely and harmonious.
Thanks, Kay. Those all are lovely.
I'm meeting friends today to paint, and I may give this a try.