Vivian, your iris/flag turned out well and you got the delicately shaped curly petals super.
CaliAnn, your version of the flowers is spot on, with emphasis scattered around the composition. Nice!
Flowercat, a sweet yet simple bunny style with a gentle touch, love it.
CaliAnn, mmmm, I love the rich colors. Your iris is super fine. Hope you do well with your treatments. Hugs...

Flowercat, such a sweet bunny. Children's book for sure.
Vivien, love your iris. They are such beautiful, fun flowers to paiint. I love the ripples along the edges of the petals.

CaliAnn, your irises are beautiful. Wonderful color and a nice, loose style. I like what you did with the background too. Hope you feel better soon.

Flowercat, an adorable bunny.
I did the bunny too. Ink and watercolor in XL Mix Media sketchbook, about 5"x5".

20230327Sk7 Bunny (WMC-CS).png
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Anne, as usual, you did just enough detail to get the perfect amount of texture and form. Your light touch is greatly admired.
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This iris is on Arches 140 CP, about 6 x 6. I would love to have a more creative interpretation of any subject, rather than just copy the photo. And I always seem to use too much or too little masking fluid. The white areas in the beard were left as white paper originally, but got painted over by the front petal, which got overworked and messy. I was never that keen on flower painting, but at least I get a participation trophy. ;)

Joy, nice work on the iris. I like how you captured the delicate feel of the petals.
Anne, your bunny is so sweet.

Joy, the iris is beautiful. I I’ve the colors and delicate petals.
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Jo: Wonderful job on the bunny. I love the background, as it really makes the bunny stand out - too cute!
Love your bunny in line and wash, Anne, so refreshing!

Joy, your iris is well sketched/drawn. IMHO, you just need darker values in it, and a more green stem. Most of it looks to be middle value. As for the white areas, practice painting around small spots until comfortable doing that and in time you'll be able to toss the masking fluid. Yellows could be more "yellow" if that makes sense. Just a few suggestions.

A sweet and innocent little bunny, Jo, you are slowing mastering watercolor believe it or not.

Thanks to all who participated this month and thank you to our host, CaliAnn, for doing the job.
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Kay, thanks for the excellent suggestions. I appreciate your advice.