Cool bunny, Joe! Try out your different brushes and opacity in your drawing program. I usually try out the dots/stars.
Christel, beautiful bird. I love the colors and the softness of the feathers.

Joe, cute bunny. The fur looks ok.

Kay, the Brusho crystals really gave this little fellow some interesting texture. I like how you brought out the top of his head with that touch of dark green.

I tried the teddy. Ink and watercolor in XL Mix Media sketchbook. I had a lot of fun with this one!

20230310Sk7 Teddy (WMC-CS).png

CaliAnn, thanks for hosting. You chose some wonderful images.
Anne: Your teddy bear turned out so wonderful! He looks so alive - he could easily be a Disney character. I LOVE it! ❤️
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Thanks so much!
Yes, Amazon sent a set of the Gansai Tambi paints and included two red tones, cheating me out of the 6th color.

Anne, a precious teddy you've created. Love his softness.
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This is a wee bit of ink and some watercolor In Strathmore Visual Journal, 140 CP, 9 x 12. I was hoping for a piece with more impact, after seeing some YouTube vids on painting jays. I am not too keen on it, and got sick of working on it. Some of my proportions could have been better on the drawing. However, I wanted to show I am attempting to participate.

Joy, the jay is very nice. It’s a painting and not a photograph so a few quirks need to be in it. For a beginner you’re doing quite well!
Kay, thank you for the kind words. Actually, I have been painting for years, but not nearly as frequently as other members. Many are producing more in a week than I do in a year! As a teen, I did a wee bit, and then took a workshop in 2001, but did not paint very much until I retired several years ago. Often, other priorities may not have me doing much for weeks. Even if I am disappointed in the outcome, I am trying to develop a better attitude towards the entire learning process. If I only posted the paintings that I felt were "good", only a few yearly would make the cut. ;)
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Joy, wow on the Jay. I don't see any flaws. I think we are always too hard on ourselves. I'm learning that every sketch doesn't have to be a finished painting. Hard to accept. Posting here helps. :)
Joy, thanks very much.

I made the drawing I said, with a pentel brush.

I came up like this, it's something too difficult, it's beyond my possibilities for a better result. more similar to the original which is a fantastic draw

2023-03-17 21-42_pagina_1.jpg
advice on the bear, fur,
should i do it with black or white lines?, or is it right both?
I did both, first I thought of black, then I made most of them white, then some other black lines, but whiter.