Joe, you captured the essence of the scene with just enough information! In this case, less is more. Great job.
joe1lt, I like the teddy just as it is and the drawing is great. It is artists choice on the colors and media. You picked well and did great!
Wonderful, watercolor paintings from you all for March! Sorry I can't comment on everyone's painting but I'm posting by my phone.
My computer has unfortunately thrown another fit, and I cant print off the images. So this month, Ive drawn one flower from the pic of the Iris from my phone, and painted it in Watercolor & Watercolor pencils. From my 15cm x 20cm sketchbook.
Vivien, that is lovely and delicate. I was thinking of doing that also, but it looks so complicated.
Joy - Thank you. The whole pic was a bit muddled when trying to sort out the indiviual flowers, and too complicated for me, trying to draw off my phone. Saw I decided on drawing and painting just one of the flowers.
Vivien, you did a great job with shapes. I also picked one out to do vs all. I am rubbish at flowers, but I may try, as purple is my fave color!
Jo - thank you. And yes Ive heard of them being called "flag Iris" too.

Joy - Thank you .- looking forward to seeing your Irish creation.
Still dealing with health issues - have a break for the next 4 weeks before I start treatments again. Very loosely based on the flowers - quick, ugly watercolor and pen, but very glad I had the energy to do it yesterday. I just scribbled/doodled with a pen, then added watercolor from a dried old pallet I hadn't cleaned up.:

CaliAnn - Im so glad you did this too, because what a great job you've made of it! Beautiful painting! I love it!
CaliAnn, I did not know you were having some health problems, and I am so sorry. :( The watercolor is lovely and fresh, and the BG complements it well.