Lookin' for a Sign...

Dave Woody

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I posted this on WetCanvas May 2019, but..tonight ….it found a home.
Our next door neighbour is 60 today and we quaffed a few pints at our local
in celebration by his invitation.

He never blows too hot or too cold, takes life as it comes and …. this pic seemed
just right for him.
Sounds like it was the perfect gift for your neighbor.
Yep, it is so rewarding when a picture finds a home. He really likes it.
it makes me laugh because nearly everyone I give a picture to always
comments “it’s gonna be worth millions one day”…..
my stock reply is…” maybe, but we’ll be long gone by then “

for what it is worth, there are something like 10 Villagers who have a pic of mine,
this one today takes my tally up to 154 in total.