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I've got a bunch of 12"x 16" canvas pads, canvas paper, and canvas panels. For $40 on Amazon you can get 12(twelve) 12" x 16"frames That works out to $3.33 for a black with acrylic "glass frame. So for around $6.00 I can make original 12"16" framed oil paintings.

It would motivate me to loosen up and use up all that12x16 material. I would be just painting, no making supports, no making frames.
Seems like a good deal to me, Bongo. Since your subjects are usually contemporary in nature I think the black frames would really enhance them and be a good fit.
Thank youse. Going to give it some more thought on how I want to do this experiment I have in mind.
There is a site called canvas place where I used to get bulk floater frames for a great price. They were nice unfinished wood. Not $3.33 cheap though.
One other super saver idea is to paint on stretched canvas and then lath frame straight into the stretchers. This has a nice contemporary feel