Inktober Illustrations - My First Six


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Hi everyone! I've mentioned a few times in discussion threads that I'm also doing Inktober. I'm not using the official prompts, instead I go to, generate one of each available kind (character/creature/environment/object/situation) and pick what seems most interesting. It's easier for me to stay invested if I don't know what's coming ahead of time. Each day is a new surprise.

Images are about 5.5"/4" as I eventually want to store them all in a little photo album wallet thing I own.
Drawn on Bristol Board with Frisk drawing ink + dip pen, diluted Frisk drawing ink + brushes, occasional touches with white gel pen and other colored pen

Oct 1st
Selected prompts:
* The stranger's power radiated and swirled in his hands
* Pirate cove


Maybe he was the old captain betrayed and about to get revenge, maybe he's just an opportunistic thief about to steal from thieves.

Oct 2nd
Selected prompts:
* A monkey with a wrench
* Fantasy knight's boots


...Yeah that one 100% wrote itself.

Oct 3rd
Selected prompts:
* Gnoll dressed in hide and adorned with a bone necklace

A gnoll is a hyena-man from Dungeons and Dragons. Had to look that up

Oct 4th
Selected prompts:
* A Roman chariot driven by two Komodo Dragons
* What made you think that was a good idea?


You know for this one I think the second prompt was already implied by the first...

Oct 5th
Selected prompts:
* An Ice Dragon covered in snow
* Death by Dragon


Or death of dragon, maybe? If it isn't dead that guy is likely about to get a nasty surprise.

Oct 6th
Selected prompts:
* Frozen forest
* A frilly carousel horse


Today is my day to do gardening volunteering in the local park so I got up early to do this one. Now I'm sleepy in the afternoon... zzz.

so that's how it's going! I'm pretty happy.
These are so different and fun. You have a great style that goes well with the imaginative prompts.
Wow! These are GREAT! Your style is just terrific. It's accomplished and unique. Something most artists are striving for and you have it in aces. :)
Thanks guys for the comments!

If I get to 9 that'll beat the previous record of 8 - I think I attempted 2018. But of course I am hoping to go all the way to 31. For me this is a mental health thing just as much as it is about drawing. I must prove to myself that I am able to sit down and do something every day. Many many years of failure that I need to unlearn.

I'll post another set once I have them.