Inktober 2021


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Anybody here up for the inktober challenge?
I am a bit in doubt. Tried it two years ago, and didn't get very far. One of the main troubles being that October is about the worst month for me to have an additional claim on my spare time.
But it is a fun idea, creating art alongside others....
I've wanted to do it, but I can never find the time. I also like that 100-day thing on Instagram, but I could never do that either. I'll do it for like three days and then fail. :( I can't keep it up within my daily life. Then, because it becomes a chore, I will stop doing it because something like that shouldn't feel like a "chore."
That is pretty similar to my experience (just looked it up, proud to say I made it to eight, before buckling 🤣).
It does stimulate daily drawing, but yeah the "chore" feeling isn't good. Maybe I just try a more relaxed approach and limit myself to for instance one or two prompts a week, one is one's own boss after all...
I've never tried either of them.
maybe some similar purpose in my head, something or topic every day or every week, and then I did it for a couple of days. that of the figure of February I had tried a little.
inktober I have never done it, in the last 2 years (I don't know if I discovered it 3 years ago or when exactly) I have seen a lot of related drawings, nice that.
maybe this year I'll try it, I don't know.

the funniest thing are the works where maybe it's a very imaginative whole table, etc. maybe subject is indirectly.

however is inktober also to look for a reference, a photo for each word and draw what? without it I can't , I try I would do this, but maybe, thinking about it, instead of doing this maybe I'll just try to use ink but with that and the times that will happen, maybe a little more,

ah, a funny thing, the alternative inkbtober, I remember an artist or some who had made their list for the month, maybe horror theme, some very funny things.
I've done 2019. Was fun, for me the clue is to prepare the idea with time, so once you know what to draw is easier... you just go for it :)
I "sort of" tried it once. lol! I *thought* you were just supposed to do a quick little ink drawing every single day of October, which I started to do, and was having a great time... then I learned you were actually supposed to draw each day according to a list of prompts. I looked at the prompt list and immediately lost interest. I checked the prompt list the next year, and was equally uninspired. Give me a decent prompt list, or let me draw whatever I feel like, and I'm in. :O)
Well in all fairness, it explicitly states on the "official" site that there is no one "right" way to participate, it's an anything goes kinda deal.
You can make your own prompts, there are also many alternative prompt list with all kinds of theme's floating arouns on the net. Also no one demands daily drawings.
So your method of making a daily quick little drawing of whatever you feel like and having fun with that is a completely valid way of doing inktober.
I did my first year there OK... but the 2nd, and the 3rd I found it somewhat not as easy on me as I was trying to work with their prompt list. I might try to do some this year, on my own terms...
I've been going back and forth on the matter but I think I'm going to attempt it. I won't use the official prompt list (I would definitely read the list first thing and get bored with all the prompts even before I tried them). I mean to use an art prompt generator site and generate a random one for myself each day.
Okay, 2 today, did the crystal yesterday late and tired, not very happy with the result. Today the prompt was "suit". I don't like suits very much, so suitcase it became.
These are beautiful. Excellent. I'm doing Inktober but in the Art From Life forum. Didn't see this here. Have fun, last year was my first year.
Thanks Jo and Joe!
I hope you two will also post your Inktober works on this site, I'd really like to see them.