Tiny 3D Printing Press / Print Exchange


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I came across this website while searching for print exchanges:

The project supports printmakers who may not otherwise have access to a press (and who prefer/can only work small). I haven't tried their press myself, but I plan to get one when I have a little extra money. I recently thought about getting rid of all my intaglio printmaking supplies because I don't have a press, so I'm glad I found this!

I can't say it any better than the creators themselves, so I'm pasting their About Us below:

Hi! Thanks for being interested in our little press! We are Martin Schneider and Dominik Schmitz, two designers from Cologne, Germany.

About three years ago we noticed that intaglio printmaking is only accessible to a small group of artists, most of which don't have the option to get themselves one of the very expensive and heavy printing presses or work in one of the very few printmaking workshops in art universities or private institutions. And because we love these very old and beautiful art techniques so much, we wanted to give more people the option to use them for their art in places where printmaking wasn’t possible before. We figured that the main challenge is to get access to an etching press, that’s the tool you need in order to print etchings, engravings, drypoints & co.