Another Artist's book I made in 2013 with a lot of mixed media elements in it. I made eight of them (20 pages), all slightly different since the are each originals and handmade/hand Japanese stab-bound in cereal box tops. I also made simple slip cases for them.

Houses is the title of a poem and the lines are broken up among the pages. Most of the text is all letterpressed, including the covers, which are also hand die-cut, meaning I cut them out with an X-acto blade.

The book includes two original watercolor and ink paintings, a gouache/Sum-e painting, an original block print, two etchings on Rives BFK, an embroidered drawing, a removable 5 x 5-inch Giclée and handmade papers. Three pages are digitally designed/printed with Ultrachrome K3 inks.

Some pictures:







I didn't give you heart eyes because you are sad, but because of the great compliment you gave me. Thank you so much!!! It is a sad poem, yes, but I feel some of the art takes away the blues and turns the frown upside down.
I like that you make books relating to your life. I imagine in some way it's therapeutic and by the way, I haven't seen anything you've created that I don't like. My wife would have absolutely loved your work.
Thank you so much Maybenartist. That is a really nice compliment. :)

All my work is therapeutic.
I too found moving as a kid traumatic, even though it was only the one big move, unlike your child who was made to do it multiple times, so I can relate to your work. I love your aesthetic, approach, and I simply adore the use of cereal boxes! and repurposing in generally. (sic.)

Looking forward to pictures of a brand new house, that would be simply excellent.
I love it. Did you write the poem? Interesting use of cereal box....I have seen that on pintrist, But never tried it. Hmmm,....maybe something to try
Thank you Iain. Yes, I moved way too many times and it was simply awful. My parents were just messed up. Thanks for related to it, and you nice comments.

Thank you too Wayne and PSA. Yes, I wrote the poem. I have not seen it on Pinterest before. I should look it up. I got the idea because all my business cars have been printed (letterpressed) on cereal boxes for ages.