Hello! I'm from Chennai, India


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I'm Balaji. I love to sketch in pen & ink, graphite/charcoal, and paint in watercolour but these are only my hobbies. I have been a member of several online art communities, starting with WetCanvas (where my user name is Blah). I have learnt a lot of what I know about sketching and painting from these communities and their members and I now look forward to being active here and also learning from all of you.
Hiya Balaji! Welcome aboard! It's good to have you here. I look forward to knowing you and your work. Make yourself at home here. :)
Joe1it, KreativeK, Artyczar, Wayne, Lamar, and ntl...Thank you for making me feel so much at home.
Hi, Balaji! I didn't know you over on Wet Canvas, but I hope to see a lot of you here. Welcome!