Howdy from Texas!


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A big ol’ Texas “Hi, y’all” from me to you. I’m retired, been off and on drawing since childhood. No formal art training, not a pro, decided to make it more of a priority now that I have the time. I concentrate on graphite and charcoal but would eventually like to try some oil and acrylic painting…maybe someday. Thanks for the opportunity here and look forward to learning from all of you.
Welcome Hull. So great to know you a bit more. I saw one of your works, and you are very good. I wouldn't have guessed you were self-taught but can see you've been doing it throughout your whole life. Oils are fun. Would be great if you tried it. Lots of people here could probably guide you through it. I work in oils mostly...been scared of charcoal. What are you retired from, may I ask?

Great to have you on board and I think you'll find this a very friendly little place. :)
I’m a retired police officer. Did a little over 20 yrs.

I took art classes in grade school and into middle school but my formal training stopped there. Everything from that point on is self taught trial and error.

In my late teens a got addicted to watching William Alexander and his wet on wet, 30 minute oil landscapes. I did 3 or 4 paintings but since I’m detail driven, I wasn’t satisfied with his technique, so I concentrated on drawing.

Life, family and career got in the way of spending time with pencils and paper. Finally made decision to spend more time on it.
Hull290 - welcome. Looking forward to your work. Thanks for your service, a couple of police in our family. We are in Bastrop, TX.
Welcome Hull, glad to have you on board. Never think that you can’t get details with oils, just not with the Alexander method. Have fun looking through the forums.
"Texas? Isn't that south of New York City??" 🤣

(Yeah, I got a weird sense of humor. Helped me get through life on Long Island.)

Welcome! And waiting to see more of your work!

Hi Hull. As Ayin said you work is outstanding, that Bison is stunning, looking forward to more. Great you can do something you enjoy. Welcome.
Welcome to Creative Spark, Hull! So happy you decided to join us. Congrats on the retirement, and now you get to enjoy your artistic side. I'm looking forward to seeing your graphite work!