Hello from Wisconsin, USA.


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Hi! I am new here on the forum. I'm so happy to have found this site. I live in the south east area of Wisconsin and haven't found many people in this area that are interested in pastels. My daughter and I have taken some pastel classes at our neighborhood art school, and also one in Illinois that we had to drive 2 hours to get there every Monday for 6 weeks. I stumbled onto this site while searching the internet for information about framing pastel work and found an interesting post about framing without glass. I might try that, but will have to go back an re-find the post. I'm not very good at using a forum. My weakness is that I start reading and follow many interesting leads and then can't remember where I was, or how to get back there. Plus - I don't want to spend too much time online, as it interferes with me actually making art in real life. Anyway, I have been enjoying reading the conversations here, and just want to introduce myself. I am a nurse, but about 3 years or so from retirement. I'm looking forward to enjoying making art a lot more when I'm done working :)
Hi, Artsygl. Welcome and have fun with pastels, my favorite. One of the best teachers with many how to videos on youtube is Karen Margulis. You can find her free videos there and then pay if you want for more. She has shared so much at no cost. I have some on my website, too. I'm always happy to talk pastels and art. See ya around!
Hello Artsyl: welcome to the site. Look forward to seeing you and your daughter’s works. Pastels are not my medium but I do like all sorts of are. Enjoy yourself.
Welcome to Creative Spark, Artsygl! :) I hope you will share your work with us. There are lots of pastel artists here, so you're in good company.

Keep posting, and have fun!
Hi, Artsygl, so glad you found this site. Can't wait to see a fellow pastelists artwork.
Hi Artsygl! Welcome to Creative Spark. It's so great to have you on board. Please make yourself at home. I think the thread you might be looking for is here! <---click on this.

Driving to Chicago from WI is quite a trek! You are devoted. That's impressive. I hope you can find as much time as you need before you retire to devote to learning your art. I'm sure you will, and you will find lots of joy in doing it. :)
Welcome, Artsygl. Make yourself at home. Looking forward to seeing your work.