Green Green Grass Of There ... 27/08/2020



My wife and I went for a spin yesterday and we passed this meadow along the way. It was a nice refresh from TV news and such. Five deer were up along the edge but I didn't take their picture. They were nervous and so we moved on. I took a pic of the meadow and painted it this morning. I started painting grass and trees. What a P off. I scraped it back and then went about making a painting and not a painting of a picture I took. So much more fun when you paint color as opposed to objects. Anyway, here she is. Small one as if you were there looking out and larger one to see the paint strokes.

16 x 20 Oil on Panel Alla Prima .. FUB, PR, LY, IY, TW
Gorgeous, love the way you paint greens - I still have a fight with them🙂 and that lilac is yummy.i think thats why I paint abstract cos colour is much more fun
Thank you Laf, Bizzy, and Sno. I am trying to get my color away from local color but it's proving a lot more difficult than I thought. I have trouble with straight up abstract as I find myself like Vincent who painted his own paintings but as he said to Theo, "I need a model". He could convert the model which in it's conversion became art.
Funny Trier said smell. I could smell this too! It's so beautiful and full of fresh air. I love the colors. It's gorgeous.
I love the colour of the clearing. Your eyes are automatically drawn to it, just as you would if you were there. Really smart. Beautiful, in deed.
Thank you Lain,
... I flunked sandbox and someone called me smart ... things are lookin' up!