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I made a wet panel carrier for 16"x20" paintings and took it out for a test.

This place lights up pretty good at night - but looks a bit drab during the day. I should come back at night (not).


This is my set-up across the street - with the big boy 16"x20" panel holder in place.

the sketch + some sky

So this quite normal-looking guy comes up to me and without any introduction says "Paint me. Paint my portrait" --- "umm sorry I'm painting that building across the street". He takes out his phone -"Here, I'll send you my picture" ---"no, I don't do portraits, and I'm painting the Casino now'. A long pause, he looks at the Casino - how could I be painting the casino if I'm across the street - then he says "Can you paint my ceiling?" -- no I don't paint ceilings, I don't paint buildings, I'm painting a picture of the building" He looked a bit confused then walked away.

A woman asked me for a cigarette. I don't smoke. Then she asked me for some "chat" or "fen" - whatever that is but I didn't have any of that either.

Was startled by this big guy standing behind me, when I turned he reached out to hand me a dollar bill. "no thank you I'm okay, but I appreciate the offer" We smiled, bumped fists and he left. Really nice guy. Later I thought - maybe he was offering me a dollar for the painting? Another guy once offered me $11. for one I was working on.

Further along

"Casino" oil on 16"x20" panel - cropped to 14"x20"


comments welcomed
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The painting looks really good!
You sure had plenty audience with peculiar questions!
I have to say I love your plein air stories. I always wondered what it would be like to paint in such a public space and your descriptions give me a good sense. It reminds me when I was in the third grade and got picked for “art night.” This meant the walls were plastered with our “masterpieces“ and those picked would sit at their desk and draw pictures while the parents milled around, chomping on dumb snacks, or talking to the teacher. I would hunch over my work and ignore people so nobody could see what I was doing and my rudeness would drive them away. Yep, always the little charmer.

So, I think you’re kind of brave sitting out in public doing your thing. Plus drawing all those straight lines seems like such a daunting task. Couldn’t do either one and so I wonder…how do you like painting buildings vs. figures?

HaHa. Now looks who’s being the nosy busybody. Feel free to be rude and ignore me.
Ah! The street life of Puget Sound!

Nice work here- I like the fact you got all those details in which make THIS building THIS building.

Good stuff
Looks like your panel holder did real well, Bongo. It’s so nice for you to have the option to paint big when you want. This one turned out great! You made the most of that tall peak. I’m bummed that you don’t paint ceilings but I recall a portrait recently on a KFC building.
Wayne, Mo, OO, JStarr, Donna, thank you much. Those 3 were my only encounters that day. Most folks just pass you by. All my encounters have been positive.

Olive Oil - how do you like painting buildings vs. figures?

I enjoy the challenge (and fun) of getting all my gear together going to different places and painting what's before me. Painting made-up people in made-up situations in the studio is a lot harder. Filled with anxiety and self-doubt. But if/when I get it right there is no comparison to the rush and pride of accomplishment.
Wow, what a day. Unusual if you're normally left alone. People are kooky.

This is another great one. I wonder if the interruptions affect the process at all? It doesn't look it. It's still a fab piece. ♥️
Thank Ayin. The interruptions are really a non-issue. Total time I spent talking to people that day - 2 minutes.
Your panel carrier looks like it will work very well. The painting turned out great. ❤️ Your visitors? Maybe a bit peculiar. :rolleyes:
I knew the minute I saw your reference picture that this was going to be a good one. Terrific building! ❤️ Love your plein air work so much. This is a beauty!

All these encounters - this is mainly why I don't think I;d have a comfort level being out in the open, so approachable like this, when trying to focus on my project. Maybe I get distracted too easily. But you handle it all with politeness and a friendly attitude.

Maybe the casino itself drew these folks out - like a freak magnet. Casinos can be pretty intense!
Sno, Ayin, Fcat, Terri, Jo... Geez I hope I'm not discouraging anyone from doing plein air with my encounter stories. The only time my blood pressure goes up a bit, is when I'm setting up (why I don't know) - after that, I start painting and it's a breeze.

Truth be told people watch YouTube clips, TicToc, etc. some guy slinging paint is pretty tame by comparison
I was discouraged way before your story, and your story had no effect on whether I would do it or not. I am ultra shy and can't really paint in front of anyone, even my own partner. My mind goes blank. Or starts to race with incredibly horrible thoughts. :ROFLMAO: