Flower Box


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Flower box on bbq table. 4x6" on canvas paper. (and palette) cross posted to oils from life thread.
I finally got out to do some painting. The sky was gray, but the rain held off. ala prima/ plein air.
So here's my palette: ultramarine & cyan, cad yellow light & med, hansa yellow, cad orange, alizeron crimson, a red, burnt sienna, a mix of greens, titanium white. C&C welcome.


Flower box

How nice. Your little flower box turned out great!❤️ Arkansas is too buggy to do much outside painting. :giggle:
This is so nice! Nothing says summer like a flower box full of blooms. Thanks for showing your palette box. It looks like it holds the perfect amount of paint for little plein air pieces like this.
CaliAnn, thanks.
Donna. thank you! It does. It's good for little trips to the yard or down the road, and closes tightly, goes into a sandwich bag and into the freezer to wait for the next trip.