Drizzle's digital illustrations (with process)


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Haven't done digital for a while, these are from earlier in the year but this is the medium most close to my heart. I use Paint Tool Sai and a wacom pen.

Starting with my favorite thing I've ever done so far -

Dark Angel

Wanted to do something BIG with an epic/dark fantasy feel to it. No sketch to start, I had no idea what I was going to do, went in hard and just made shapes until things started to jump out at me.

Atlante and the Sea Gods

A request for a person who was quite young. The little creature in the foreground is their character who lives in the sea, they wanted a picture of him but otherwise I had free rein. I love it when I'm free to make stuff up!


Atlante was described to me as being a lonely and solitary character so I wanted something a bit wistful with him looking on from the shadows. Decided on whales for the immense power and majesty of the sea, but also maternal gentleness.

They are both beautiful Drizzle. I especially like the second one. It's amazing to me that you were able to make up parts of the painting from your imagination.

Thanks for showing your process. It's quite different from the process I use but it works splendidly for you. I'll have to give it a try when I am feeling adventurous.

I like the results of your digital process. I played a bit with Paint Tool Sai some months ago when I wanted to move away from Krita. I was looking for a program that would make it easy to print a grid on top of a digital drawing. I use grids to enlarge drawings onto a canvas. I was surprised to find that most apps, while allowing one to configure a grid on the image on screen, do not print the grid without requiring one to jump through some hoops.
In the end I went back to GIMP, which I looked at years ago and hated. The latest version suits my needs very well, and does the grid thing effortlessly.
Thanks for comments you two!

Hermes2020 - I like Paint Tool Sai for a lot of reasons but it is VERY focused on painting and nothing else, the thing that is most disappointing for me is that there is no way to make a straight line. You can make rectangular selections and fill them in, that's it. No text tool either so if you have bad handwriting like me it's no good trying to do comics or graphic art stuff in Sai.

I tried GIMP a long time ago but found it far too alien and confusing. But that was a very long time ago. Maybe I fell in the same hole you did.

Here's another one - character illustration for someone

Birdsong on the Borderland


This person had a pretty detailed reference sheet for their guy who is a medium/part ghost (I suspect inspired by that Danny Phantom cartoon though I've not watched it myself!) Gave me all the clothes and his bonkin' stick with the crystal on it so I didn't have to do much in the way of designing. It was one of those sheets that also includes a bunch of personality stuff likes and dislikes and such. He likes tea and campfires, does he, we can use that! Then because he's a gentle nature-lover type I was going to have him doing the old Disney Princess thing with a little bird but thought hang on... what if it's dead.


same as before, get the basic shapes in with some values then start cleaning it up and rendering more and more tightly til it's done.
Unlike you, I don't create my final work in software. I only use digital graphics as a tool in the planning stage of paintings and sculptures to be executed using other techniques. Perhaps you should also take another look at GIMP. Have you tried Krita?
You may find the following YouTube video useful.

wonderful works, I'm loving them all,
thanks for the various stages and to everyone also for the link and information, in the last weeks, months I am reading various Tutorials and trying some commands and understanding a little bit,
I also have a wacom pen that I bought 5 or 4 years ago (I was thinking about it years before, undecided whether to try digital only), but then used little
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All very inspired works drizzle. I'm so impressed with what you can do here. I love all the details in each scene, and the characters are so established. Really incredible pieces. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️