Autumn leaves in sketchbook


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These are in watercolor in my sketchbook, and not nearly as accomplished as the works here. I finally started sketching in an attempt not to belabor a painting so much. Now I overwork the sketches instead! :giggle:

coloring is beautiful and your shadows are alive in that they force your eyes to toss shadows around so you see shadows that are not even there. That is really stunning. I realize the white background has a lot to do with it but still: lovely.
Excellent! I like that instead of just sketching leaves, you even did the shadows and that makes them stand out. ❤️❤️
These are really good Joy, I like how you chose a variety of shapes. I like the shadows too. :)
Absolutely beautiful job with these leaves, Joy. I love autumn the most, I think, with these warm tones.

So well done!
Joy - These are lovely, and I like the way you've "grounded" them with their shadows! And their shadows have colour in them too, great job!
Joy, I love these leaves! I'm glad you posted them because they are just beautiful. I've been struggling with autumn leaves this autumn and you painted them so lovely. I like the detail in them too.
Thanks again, guys. CS really seems to be gaining members and posts. It is very well laid out and user friendly.
Excellent work, Joy. I like the way the colours bleed into each other.
Very nice Joy. I like the variation of color in the leaves and the shadows. Keep sketching!