Autumn leaves from sketchbook - xpost from Still Life.


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These are watercolor. I finally started sketching in an attempt not to belabor a painting so much. Now I overwork the sketches instead! :giggle:

These came out so great, Joy. I like the shading on these and the way you handled the curling edges as they dried. I agree with Jo that they would make nice notecards. I hope you are planning to do more of these.
Your leaves look great. I like the shading and the fact that you did not try to make them perfect. The imperfections of the leaves makes them look more realistic.
Lovely sketch! I like how simple they are, but yet there are enough imperfections to make it feel real. Lovely colors and shadows!
Oh my, Joy. This is stunningly fantastic. I am glad you are working in this way because the results are amazing! Just beautiful! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
Beautiful, just enough detail. The shadows are spot on making the paper surface such an intragal part of the composition.
Absolutely lovely! Really lifelike rendering of the leaves and your shadows really are beautifully delicate and natural looking. Some of the best shadows I've ever seen on a botanical sketch. Really well done!