Animal And Wildlife Challenge September 2023

Christel, a breathtaking display of your never ending talent. You're my idol!

EP, enjoyable, as always.
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Vivien, I love your hopping kangaroo. Interesting work on the background too. The soft color transitions on the bird are lovely. I like the sparkle in his eye too.

Nice elephants Joy. You can learn so much by trying the same image different ways. I love Hazel Soan's work. I can't paint like she does but I love to watch her! You did very well on these. My favorite palette choices were the first and the last. Isn't it amazing what a difference the palette choice makes.

EP, wonderful little sketches. The wide eyed animal peeking from behind the tree really catches my eye. I also like the graceful bird next to him.

Christel, what a beautiful bird. The warm background behind him just makes the whole painting glow. I like how you did the various types of feathers too. Very nice. The black dog is beautiful. The expression is right on. I want to reach out and pet him. The wide-eyed mom and baby drawing are very good. The loose sketch goes well with the wild look in her eyes. The horses are beautiful. They are so graceful and full of life. Wonderful foliage in the background too.
I didn't stop at one either. The images this month were irresistible to me and I had some time to do several.

I started each with a freehand pencil sketch then added ink. On several, I added some watercolor too. They are done in XL Mix Media sketchbook unless noted otherwise and are in the 4"x6" size range.

I started with the bunny.
20230904Sk8 Bunny (Animal-Wildlife).png

The cat portrait was next. I wasn't sure if I was going to add color to this one so I scanned it at the end of the inking stage.

20230911Sk8 Wide-Eyed Cat (Ink).png

I did decide to add color to this one, so here it is in its final form. I was glad I added the color, I liked it a lot more.
20230911Sk8 Wide-Eyed Cat (Color).png

Next one I did was the squirrel. I know they are pests but they are adorable pests.

20230915Sk8 Squirrel on Fence (Animal-Wildlife).png

This last one was done in the waiting room of our chiropractor to help pass the time. It is in an old Stillman & Birn Epsilon sketchbook. I didn't add color to this one. I don't like how the paper takes the paint. It is a very smooth surface. As time has passed, I have moved to a slightly more textured paper which I prefer.

20230920Sk5 Dog Looking Up.png

Thanks Patricia for hosting this month. The images were delightful.
Wow, when I did four sketches this month I was chuffed. Now I feel like a slacker! ;)

Anne, you really outdid yourself! I think this is some of your best work, and that is saying a lot. That squirrel should be framed; it is so perfect! Squirrels and chippies are numerous in our area. The drawings are all excellent. The only (very) minor change I would make would be the shadow under the rabbit. It seems a wee bit harsh about the periphery and where it meets the rabbit. The color you put on your drawings is always spot on and never overworked.
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Thanks Joy for the very kind words. I really enjoyed doing these. I have been studying Alphonso Dunn's book on Pen and Ink Drawing and I have learned a lot. They are all little subtle tips but when put together, they are very powerful.

I do see what you mean about the rabbit. I agree. I'll have to watch in the future that I don't go too black with the shadow. Thanks for the comment.
you all made masterpieces.

Vivien, both very beautiful.
Joy, exceptional work on elephants, spectacular result with few strains for a beautiful series on the elephant.
EP, fantastic pages.
Christel, I can't choose a favourite, they are all to be loved.
Anne, here too, I can't choose a favourite, they are all to be loved.

this month I started later. I started something yesterday. Now I'm writing from the computer, I didn't pass the photo onto the computer, then I reopen the iPad to start a new reference and put the finished one.
Joe, they are all well done. You have captured expression and movement in them. Good job!
Christel - thank you. Oooh stunning birdie. Love the dark fur on the doggie. You captured the "alarmed" or "suprised" look on the lemurs. Yay running horses.
Joy - thank you
Anne - thank you. Awww cute bunny. Lovely effect of the colour delicately added to the ink kitty drawing. Oh that squirrel has so much personality! (You've heard about how German-speaking people have trouble saying the word squirrel? They don't seem to have experience saying the "squ-" part of the word.) Ah the lonesome Viszla :)
joe1lt - thank you. Yay lovely blue critters - I am partial to the eyes on the lemur :)
Joy, Anne EP , thanks very much.
I drew these 2, to change so as not to always do it the same way, so as not to get bored I tried using digital brushes that I have almost never used, also to see how it turned out.

2023-09-24 11-35 1.jpeg
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Thanks everyone for your lovely comments on my artwork.

Joy - Amazing the difference between the various colors! Who would have thought that using a different combination of colors would make such a big difference! Well done, a big learning curve for all of us!

EP - Beautiful layout and I love the touches of green and pink!

Christel - You have been busy! Well done on all the different paintings with various art mediums - you are truely amazing!

Anne - Another amazing Artist! I really appreciate all the beautiful work you put into these watercolor & ink paintings! Well done!

Joe - You are so good at your digi work! All of the drawings are splendid!