wOil RYB Road Tree & Cloud - (posting guidance needed)


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An oldie from my messing with oils days.
18x12 ins Weber wOil (water miscible) on gessoed hardboard. This was a 'challenge' on some thread or other, to paint with only one each of the RYB primaries plus B&W .


Blurry photo

So I have an oil painting of a 'landscape' in a kinda wonky abstract style and then the question of which Forum would be the most appropriate to post in; OIL,Landscape or Abstract.
Theoretically, I think I could post in any of them, but it has been my experience on 'another site' that pictures that vary much from a realistic style are upsetting (except in Contemporary/Abstract of course) to the 'inhabitants' of the forum, and probably also to the visitors looking for that particular subject matter.; all of which I understand.

I think we are all tolerant and broadminded here on CS, but I chose to stick with the safe way here also, but I wonder if the practice of double posting on two or more Forums is okay here, or maybe just not advisable for understandable reasons.
I think Arty can advise the preferred practice.

I really love this one. It's a landscape, but it's a contemporary abstract too. And a really great composition of color and balance. ❤️

I have no issue in double posting sometimes. I think the users can use their own discretion on this one and that would be just fine. I can see it being hard to choose where to post this one, and if it were me, I may repost it in two forums myself. It's an anomaly.
Couldn't it be cross posted in at least one more forum and titled with the notation (X posted in [forum title] )? BTW, great little painting. ❤️