White Tiger


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Most of you have probably already seen these but if I wait until I finish a new one, I'll never be posting a painting. This is a painting of one of the white tigers at a nearby wild animal refuge. His name was Conway and he is since deceased.
Georgios. Stupendous. Ten stars. All those blades of grass! This must have taken a long time. I take forever to make stuff, but this would have taken me a year. I wouldn't have been able to do it at all in fact. This is a beauty. I love Conway.
Thank you Arty. The blades of grass really don't take long, you just use a nice long brush, thin your paint and flip them on quickly. Surprising how much detail they make with little effort. :)
I guess you're right. I've tried it too, but not with this same amazing, realistic effect, of course. I love the finishing touches though when putting the whites and the light on things.
This is a terrific rendition of a white tiger, snoball. And I love the detail in the grass. It doesn't look like minimal effort!
Thank you trufflecat. When I'm on a roll and things are going my way, it can indeed be easy. Doesn't always work that way but this one did.
WOW! This "White Tiger" is another favorite of mine! I haven't seen it before. I like small and big cats, wild and not so wild .. mine is pretty wild. Wish I could paint her but so far has been pretty hopeless. The black stripes in your painting are a lot of work! and so is all the fine grass. I like they way you match colors in this painting: despite the tiger's white color she hides well in the grass in your painting. 🐅
Thank you moscatel. I appreciate your observations. You really should try to paint your cat, take a photo of her and paint from that. :giggle: