what you said about storage, conserving, or the little space where you draw etc. but referring to the computer. there is something like a program for


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what you said about storage, conserving, or the little space where you draw etc. but referring to the computer.
there is something like a program for sorting, finding, storing folders, for drawings, links, things like that.

on your computer,
order your photos (maybe I put them by month and if you are looking for a pen drawing, maybe, or a copy you can't find, moreover, to keep as before I threw everything directly, now before, I usually take photos, and keep them in the computer, this year had broken.

, so recently taken external disk but I believe that a program would be useful not only for this, save links etc., sort a little) or maybe just the images, those saved, such as drawings or paintings by Leonardo Da Vinci or who I hope not get angry, however, except links usually, from me, in my pc there ends up being a chaos and in the end it is difficult to find and there is a risk of files with too long names, folders with folders, etc.

if this post is out of place or wrong I kindly ask you to move or remove it. thank you
My computer is complete chaos. I name my files and save them and I have so many that I forget what I named them, forget where I saved them and have a total disaster every time I start to look for a photo that I know is on there somewhere. :cautious::confused::mad:🤷‍♀️
My computer is partially organized... very well... and partially a work in progress. I'll often save images quickly or transfer hundreds of unorganized images over from my iPad to a dated "Edit" folder... and slowly try to transfer these to the proper files. The vast majority of my images are highly organized. Under my "Art" folder I have sub-folders of Pre-Historic Art, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Medieval, Renaissance, Non-Western, etc... If you go into these folders there are further sub-folders. In the Renaissance folder, for example, there are folders for Italian, German, French, Netherlandish, etc... If you go into the Italian folder there are more folders for individual artists... and if the artist is a major figure that I have many works by there will be further sub-folders organized by genre. Under the Michelangelo folder, for example, I have folders for drawing, architecture, the Sistine Ceiling, The Last Judgment, Other Paintings, and Sculpture. That's how I can rapidly find an example of almost any artwork I want. 😲 😁
My computer is complete chaos.
Mine too. I don't know what to delete, what to move where, etc. I find it impossible to engage fully with tech stuff, so I admire those who can. It is easier for the younger generation as they haven't known life without the PC. When you buy tech it should be standard for a minor to be included in the package. I mean, we have insurance! But that won't happen, not in our lifetime, anyway. I mean, they don't even allow them to clean chimneys anymore. It's Health and Safety gone mad. That's what it is. Damn Blake.
I generally just use the library sorting features and albums in Apple Photos for my digital photos. For my own work, I pretty much just follow an organizational system I worked out in the early 00s, somewhat based on recommendations from a tech friend. Basically I archive all scans according to media and year. I follow a similar pattern with other digital assets I need to organize, it's usually where I start with any project. But I work in web design, and organization is a big thing you learn to do early on.
I wish I only had the search through 8000 images. I picked up a new computer the other day because my current one is slow as dirt. Before disconnecting this one I copied everything ever to an external hard drive. There was something like 150,000 images on the Art files alone.:oops:

Hell, I have 46,000+ images on my iPad saved on the cloud and compressed on the actual device.
Hi, Thanks to everyone for the answers, thanks for the valuable considerations and advice

Snoball, then I'll leave my computer in chaos too, so I can say I'm like you in something (although maybe it was better if it was 1% of your talent, wit, wit or sympathy).

stlukesguild, thank you very much, i think i will start by making a folder i will call renaissance and one i will call illustration, they are a good part of files, links. these and slowly more attention to other movements (in practice over time I had created folders with similar names (drawing 1, 2, art etc, then forums, subfolders with topics, maybe then I read a book and annotations or related searches I put them in the pc and the new things I put them there) and many subfolders etc)
Hermes, thank you very much, I'll see the program.

Ian, yes, in the end it is better to do it in the way that is most comfortable and still takes less time.
I believed in organized disorder but I also made a jumble in the PC, I have to go to memory but then I end up forgetting and then it takes longer.

Xie, thanks, start from the beginning, or be straightforward, prevention often simplifies everything in the end.
Well, this is what I've been doing lately because I was sick of the chaos!

As for other people's art (reference and whatnot), that's always been organized. I've never had any issues with that. It's my own hundred-thousand images of my own art that are chaotic because I've saved them in different ways and take multiple WIP pics, as well as having RAW files, and sometimes I have professionals take them too.

I also have a separate database for EVERTHING, but that's really for all the data on every work of art. That database also requires images, but it's actually the back-end of my website, so those are stored with the website somewhere out in space.

All my images by other artists are easy: one folder and then subfolders of each artist's name. Pretty straight forward. That folder is called my OPP file: Other People's Paintings--whether they are paintings, drawings, or sculptures doesn't matter. I don't have my OPP folder on my desktop though because I don't need it all that often like SLG does. Ha ha ha.

I have a folder called Current, and in it the subfolders are: Inspiration, Ideas, Old Reference, and Current Reference. I keep anything I'm currently working in their own folders in there and give it a working title. When it's finished, I file all the images where they belong (I'm supposed to do that! I'm working on it!) "Current" sits on my desktop.

Then, there's my Art folder, which I'm working on now. Inside, there's a folder for each painting. Inside those folders are more subfolders, like the Raw files, the WIPs, the Finals, which are the 300 DPI one, the 72 DPI ones at various pixels, and a 72 DPI as a thumbnail.

There's also a Work on Paper folder with subfolders, like Watercolors, Drawings, Colored pencil, Sketchbooks, Map pieces, other series, etc.

There's a Sculpture folder, and a Projects folder too with all their subdivisions. I have Short films, Installations, and other weird things I do.

I also have Shows. In there, all that stuff is divided up by the Pieces that were in the show, the Photographer (their name). I usually have one document the installation and the pieces professionally for each major solo show, the Reception photos, the Installation images, and all the Ephemera (Press Release, Press, Interviews, Show Statement, my CV at the time, etc.).

Then there are my Artists Books folder that works like my Art folder.

I'm not counting my Business folder which has a shitload of stuff in there too. The only sub-files in there that have images in them are in Applications and Galleries so I know what I sent and to whom.

I think that covers it. I've been working on all this over the last few months.

I don't know if this helps anyone or confuses them more.
thanks Artyczar, yes, it is clear and helpful, gives an idea on how to organize.
think the things I'm posting, or all the things photographed in a year
I put them in a folder
called drawings or in another called exercises, inside which I wanted to do, I had made folders by genres but then I didn't divide it all ended in the same folder that is inside 7 other folders and holds other folders and ranging from 1 onwards , initially, then I made folders with months, numbering these and often without naming the files.

this is not understood even in writing.o_O:LOL:
The easiest, bestest program for keeping your daily dribble I've found is ONENOTE. If I see a link, a photo, music, painting, article, video, -anything- on my phone, tablet, or computer, I can just drag and drop it into OneNote, and it's automagically on the other devices too.
Then later, end of week whatever, I can delete what I no longer need and file away the rest or leave in OneNote for easy access across devices.
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