What art supplies have you bought recently?

I adore using dip pens but I had to stop because I became too good at knocking the ink bottle over. I ruined a pair of jeans, got the floor and table more than once (luckily it wiped clean) and I had to re-paint part of my living room wall! Now I just don't trust myself.
Oh no!! I haven't had that experience yet 😬 I just picked up some speedball pens and some higgins black India ink, and I'm still trying to feel out the process. The pens don't seem to hold a lot of ink, so I feel like I'm dipping a lot! I've watched some videos and it doesn't seem like people are having to dip as much. I do love how fine and consistent the lines are though
A little while ago, but:


Richardson Shiva Phthalo green oil paint, for a challenge I never finished, their "transparant marble white", to try it, and 2 brushes: a blick masterstroke red sable 0, and a grumbaucher black diamond #1 flat.
The sable was supposed to replace my well used tiny filbert, which you can see in the pic, but is a bit too small. It has a great edge, though I haven't used it enough to tell how well it will hold.
The grumbaucher was to try to find a natural bristle brush that will stay firm even in acrylic, which it certainly does, a bit too well. I really like how it feels (except for the weird sticky handle ) but I don't think I'm good enough to use it the way it wants to be.
The Shiva transparant marble is oily and extremely weak, like pure zinc in acrylic. And it's in safflower oil, which I didn't catch when I bought it, so I can imagine it taking approximately 1,500 years to dry.
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I haven't got them yet but for christmas will be getting a 60 pack of faber castell pitt brush pens. Most lighfast coloured markers available, great for sketching.
I really want to invest in some good colored markers like that but the big boxes are always super pricey
I use a lot of tiny brushes too. I go through a lot of them, but they are all synthetic. I mostly use Silver Sherpa Rounds, size: 000. They hold their shape through a number of paintings, but I have a lot of back ups.
Shane I've two full sets of FC Pitt brush pens, both sets purchased on clearance (because the packaging was damaged).

I love porcelain palettes and have many. The other day in the thrift store I came across a Corning piece, while not exactly porcelain, it's nice and heavy, bright white and perfect for working a smaller painting. I could also flip it over to use as a grooved pencil holder should I chose. I love repurposing things. It was $1.99.
Since I've been here and got inspired: 12 new Faber-Castell Goldfaber color pencils - five Pigma ink pens - four Prismacolor Scholar graphite pencils - a Staedtler sharpener - three new erasers - a bargain pack of 30 ArtistLoft felt tip color pens - - a primary colors 6-pack of Liquitex Basics acrylics. I want to do some drawing besides smearing acrylics around.
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Some intriguing supplies you all have purchased. Last week bought two sketchbooks that have 70 lb. paper in them for doing line and wash work, at all places, Dollar Tree! Then a few days ago found two art books on Amazon dirt cheap: Watercolour Snow Scenes by Grahame Booth and Street Scenes in Watercolour (same author).
A tube of Art Spectrum's Transparent Black oil paint. Not very exciting I suppose. The pigment is crushed charcoal, often called Vine black because it used to be made from charred vine cuttings. However I just found out after some live chat recently that there's another Vine black, originally from the location of German vineyards. A black iron oxide earth colour. Michael Hardings and Rublev sell this version and not the vine charcoal type. They might also be very good, but I was looking for the more transparent black. So ArtSpectrum it was.
I could also flip it over to use as a grooved pencil holder should I chose.
:oops: You're brilliant! I haven't liked any type of pencil holders I've seen, since I only pull out a few at a time. Then they roll all over the place. This sounds like something to keep in mind - thanks for the inspiration!

I always pick up the best ideas around here. ❤️

My only recent purchases included replacement oil pastels because of this:

OP mess.jpg

OP mess 1.jpg

No worries, it was SUCH FUN to clean up! :rolleyes: Can't get that half hour of my life back.

So, a few new Sennelier oil pastels, some white Prismacolor pencils, and a new desk-clamp style pencil sharpener. My set of Caran d'Ache pastel pencils are too fat to fit into anything I had on hand.
Oh, I completely understand that *I* am the only person who's ever made a mess like that. It's hard. Life is hard.

But just, you know, for general informational purposes, here's what worked like a charm:


We might have had to buy some furniture or something to get this stuff, but I'm sure it's out there on your Google machine.
More pastel colors/brands and more Pastelmat paper. A circular cutter. Looking at more frames, but they are simply EXPENSIVE!!!! Even on discount. Don't ask about the glazing you need for pastels.