What are the 3 favorite/WEIRD things in your home?

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Pictures NOT required

1)turtles and frog

2)Mardi Gras Tree/decorations

3)a mirror I bought today...
This periodic table on my shelf with all possible elements embedded into a square of clear resin.
I placed a white sheet of paper behind it to make it easier to see.
This is an interesting thread! People's treasures relate so much to their personality.

I don't have many unusual objects but my telephone is my favourite thing. It's made of wood and brass and woven cord. It's a fully functional reproduction of a model from 1921, so the design is over 100 years old.

I love it for lots of reasons to do with time and history and opting out of modern cell phone culture, and also because I talk to my family on it (who are far away).

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I don't really have any weird things anymore. I got rid of a lot when we moved. Now I have some dumb things...like my finger puppet collections:


This doll I call Thingy:


This artwork that Hannah made:


And maybe this weird whistle. (Not a good picture.)

I’m waiting for the painting company to paint the interior walls, scheduled for the end of the month. Until then, all my decorative doodad things are still packed away in boxes and have been “unseen” for about 10 months. I forgot what I have!

So these aren’t particularly weird but is what’s hanging around now.

A sandia squash picked off its vine and chunks of lava rock picked up on a trail. New tabletop buddies, waiting for their final resting place...somewhere around here.

A replicated trade card from the Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site in N. Dakota. It shows 'pound beads' made out of Venice glass and used by the Plains Indians for a variety of purposes. My, my so very specific! Given to me by one of my bosses, now hanging in my studio closet.

My first tumbleweed…! It was picked loose from a wire fence as I walked alone, at sunset, with a full moon above the pink Sandia mountains and a sitting coyote watching me from the grasslands that ran along the road. A scary, but kind of spiritual, moment. (Passionately love “my tumble,” tho.)
Wait…is that true??
In any case…too late for luck.
I now live in this lava land (called “Volcano Cliffs”).

These are all cool! Neat thread idea, too.
Here are three, all from the same wall in our living room.
We love the southwest, and typically go down every year, (from NH), until Covid arrived on the scene.
Anyway, she's got a keen eye for designing the house. There's stuff like this all over our house, mostly southwest flavored.

The skull above the fireplace with Hydrangea "knots" I call them...just trimmings from the bush that had a design feature we liked...

Just a crazy idea we had, but it worked out kinda cool...wooden letters, clear glass balls with feathers inside, mini spotlight...

and the Raven we love, mini spotlight also, Mexican rug and more cuttings in a vase, even an upside down sapling with roots stuffed in for good measure.. :)

Haha. You made me lol, girl.

It happened to have been a female boss, that I liked. But if you’re talking about my last bad boss…well…hate to say out loud what I wished for HIM. Just glad I finally made it out of BadBossLand alive…