We Don't Know Sir, We Never Saw It Coming ...



11 x 14 oil on paper .. Alla Prima .. Knife .. Painted Dec 1/21
I started a study for a landscape and lost the land so I was forced to find an expression that would fit the sky. I think this works in that regard and I'll have to pay closer attention when I get back to the landscape.
Whoa - what happened here, Wayne?! With the title and the leaning trees I'm guessing something catastrophic. I like the mystery and the sci-fi feel.
I agree with Donna! This has the look and feel of a dramatic scene, post-event, which the viewer has to wonder about. I like it!
I really like this Wayne. The light is great. Expressive knife work approaching abstract. With the knife it's hard NOT to be abstract. Well done. This is art. It's all art but this is art. I would like to go toward doing more of this kind of thing also.

Have you seen this guy? It's exhausting just watching him paint, he has so much energy, but inspirational.

Let's do more!

edit; just noticed it's in this genre and style forum. Appropriate but it could or should be in landscapes also. But this genre is more interesting IMO.
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thank you Donna .. yes, I usually get the title from what's running through my head and that line seemed to repeat itself as the painting came together.

Thank you Terri .. Dark Side Of The Moon .. weird thoughts make weird pictures.

Thank you John. ..... I don't watch artists on utube but I took a peek. Looks like he is having fun and got the cash to chase his artistic desire.
Thank you Ayin.
My wife is not into abstracts or expressionism was the only one who pointed out the one missile still standing. Camouflaged of course.

Thank you Iain
Thanks Iain.

Thanks Lamar. It was an accidental but I saw it and it helped set the tone.