Being As You Asked .. 3 paintings .. 3 studies ..


mudhole 1.jpg

In The Vase.jpg

White And Green.jpg

study mud hole.jpg



All 11 x 14 inches .. oil on paper .. alla prima .. painted Jan 10 to the 12th ..

The first was Mud Hole which I wasn't overly happy with as I got tight on it .. did the study afterward and like the study more .. one day when I have no inspiration I will use the study as such ..
The second is Flowers In A Vase where I blocked in with 3 values and then tried to stay within the framework. I obviously used more than three values but I managed to keep the big value shapes in so that worked for the composition.
The third is Blue Green Arrangement and I tried to do something that didn't work and I rehashed the thing for about three hours before I settled on this. I think it has a bit of merit lending to the greys that help propell the green blues.
The fourth was a study for Mud Hole as I said I think it has more merit than the original painting.
The fifth was a study where I was trying to keep my knife marks as knife marks and let the dust settle where it would. I over worked it as usual. I transitioned the sky and I found it worked well. From greyed color to purer color in front or top of the painting
The sixth was a study in dark as I mostly use Black/FUBlue/Burnt Sienna and Titanium White. I was trying to stay dark and I think I achieved that but not a whole lot more. Definately needed more hues.

So, that was my few days. I enjoyed myself and I hope you get a samile or a laugh or two from my attempts to find a way to manipulate paint and make something I find likeable.
Fascinating! There's a lot going on here. At first look, I can say that I think the Mud Hole study works really well on its fact, I think I do like the lighter hue of the green tree in the study. It gives the eye a place to rest, if that makes sense. That said, I find the diagonals in the final Mud Hole more appealing (I love strong diagonals!).

I also really love #5, another study - your knife marks are beautiful, and the palette is among my favorites from you, with the deep blues surrounded by the bits of warmth.

Super intrigued by the last study, and your dark hues. Have you explored American Tonalism? Those palettes seem right up your alley.
Thank you Terri. I guess they both have a life all be it a different jive. I have looked at tonealism but not lately. I’ll have a boo now.
I like seeing where your studies and paintings take you. Always like the colors and textures. You inspire me to try more texture. Hard in pen and ink sketches which is mostly what I'm doing lately. Ha.
Beautiful, all of them! Can’t comment a lot, having to do one finger texting on my tablet. Computer is down for about 2weeks.
Thanks Jo. It will stay with you. Sometimes what you admire sinks into tour bones and you know how to do it without ever trying to do it.

Thanks Sno. One finger typing is painfully slow.
You’ve been busy, Wayne! It must be a good method you have of not just making a good painting but trying to meet specific goals for each one. There is much to admire in each of them; lighting, texture, color … whatever you’re doing is sure working.
Thank you Donna.
Usually one painting inspires the next or some passage gets my attention and I want to explore it more. Yesterday, as per Terri, I read a great article on American Tonalism. I then watched a video of 350 pieces by George Inness and then looked at various artist still life in tonalism. So today I tried to do what I thought they do. Interesting to say the least. I will post it tomorrow as today’s post will be yesterday and that was about knife strokes.
All of these are inspiring. You're so good at multiple subject matter. The first two are my favorite. ♥️
Thank you gbitnell. We do opposite sides of the coin but I admire your skillnat finish.