Dark Water .. Dark Shadows


Dark Water Dark Shadows.jpg

I am remaking a few of the old landscape paintings as I wanted to get more out of less and have them more in my style than garage sale art. I find when I use the brush I tend to overwork every piece so back to he knife and you get what you get but it's always more striking. To me, anyway..
11 x 14 inches .. oil on paper .. alla prima .. knife .. painted Dec 25/23
This one is special. I can see the layers of various colors and work in this one. Beautiful. ♥️
Seriously eye-catching! Beautiful layers of deep blues and greens, with your classic touches of warmth. Gorgeous, Wayne. :love:
Thank you Ayin. Good it caught your eye.
Thank you ntl. Have not see your idendity in awhile.
Thank you Terri. NIce to here it's eye catching.
Thank you JStar and Murray
Very nice indeed. It just looks so cold and I can almost feel the wind blowing. ❤️ ❄️
I like the gestures of the trees, the shadow on the bluff snow near the water and then the light peeking through. Yummy.