Venetian Mask


oil painter
Another daily painting from this month. It's a painting from life and the oddest thing is my model is very tiny and compared to that the painting itself much bigger although it only measures: 10x8 in. It's oil painting on canvas board. I still want to work more on the nose (maybe need to be higher position?) and eye holes, I think they need fixing. Just that I always wanted to try to paint one of these masks. 🎭


Good job on the mask. I do agree, the eye hole is a bit off.
I remember those masks, I used to have 4. I think they got left behind in this recent move...
Arty, thanks! 🙂
ntl, I got this small one from a cookie bag I bought in a grocery store. Wish I had bought more cookie bags. It was in Venice. We don't have these masks here in cookie bags. 😊
Good job on the mask! I think the unfinished background adds a lot of interest to the painting. Also agree with Arty that it doesn't need to be perfect. (y)
Sno, thanks!
Ive been lately paying attention to the backgrounds because earlier I received "critique" in one exhibition which I participated that my still life backgrounds miss something or need more than just an even application of paint. After all, receiving critique is one way to learn.(y)