Vase with tomatillo


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I'm sorry for the fuzzy pic. I only have my cellphone camera.
Derwent Lightfast pencils. I used a plywood board behind the paper so I could get a grainy look.
Very nice. I particularly like the apple. What a good idea to use the plywood board !
Yes, that's a clever use of plywood! I do wish you had a better pic; I'd like to see the detail on the tomatillos. Looks like you handle the folds of the table cloth. I like it!
So nice, Cindy! I love seeing that tomatillo sitting in the vase, and the soft glow of the vase itself. Just beautiful! I agree with Lamar on the folds of the tablecloth - excellent work!

Another vote for the clever use of the plywood to get that added texture. I must steal it! (The idea, not your plywood.) :LOL:
Lovely. The shadows are very nicely done. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
Great idea, and what a beautiful result. Sorry about your blurry image, but it still looks like a great work of art. :)
Tomatillos are popular in the southwest. This is beautiful work! A smart tip, too, and thanks for sharing.
Nice rendering of the subjects. Would love to see another one similar to this but without so much space around the subject, I like the texture of the background and the colors look good together I’d just like a closer look At your beautiful strokes on your subect.