This painting, Unexpected, is also in my current exhibit and I just sold it. Thought I'd post it.

Love this. Hopefully the sale improved your mood after giving up eating. smoking and drinking coffee. :)
Thank you guys! I appreciate it! It does help my mood a bit and the more days that go by on the smoking thing, the easier it gets. The money helps things too! I will miss that painting though.
That painting means a lot because the lunar landing happened on my 1st birthday. Kinda a neat, historical thing.

As far as the dieting and coffee thing John, I am trying to just have one cup of coffee a day when I am used to two or three, but the sweetener I use in it is so fattening, I really have to cut it down to one. I can't get used to black coffee or I could have two cups.

I have already lost over 40 lbs, but I am desperately trying to lose more before the end of February because I have a surgery happening on the 26th and the less I weigh, the safer it will be. Eventually (I think by June) I could be at a normal weight finally. I have a long way to go. I am losing it all slowly so I don't gain it all back. I have been able to lose fast in the past, but I always gain back and more. My doctor says if I lose it slowly, that's a better way to do it in order to not gain it back, so that's how I've been doing it this time.

I've also been walking every morning, which is different for me. Not easy as I have physical disabilities, but I'm doing it! I actually can't believe it. Ha ha ha! 🤣
You could cut a hole in a black bin liner and wear it on your walk. That would help sweat it off and get the neighbourhood talking. "What are they wearing?" "Oh, that's an artist." "Ahhh." As if that explains everything.

Our health service (NHS) prescribes nicotine patches and these.

Space Oddity happens to be on the radio.
Couldn’t you use a zero calorie sweetener such as trivia or stevia in your coffee? ( If I’m wrong and these natural sugars aren’t no calorie, don’t tell me. )
Ha Iain! Yes, I'm on patches for two weeks. It helps me to not throw my fist through the wall.

PSA, I am not into those sweeteners. I'd rather get used to black coffee or not drink it at all. I'm a sugar junkie and am more addicted to the French vanilla creamer than the coffee itself! :LOL:
My first thought was, "Yes that would be really unexpected in the 1890's". Upon further consideration, I revised the date to the 1940, but even then it would be far, far, out of the ordinary. By the mid-1960's is might have just about be "Odd! Must be something NASA misplaced", but only for 'well read' and even then they would be a limited group of the general population. I'll go so far as to say that today, it would spook a large percentage of population almost to the extent the 'Monster' (Mary Shelley) upset the villagers. If found 'unguarded' it would be vandalized and bits and pieces taken away as 'souvenirs'.

Nice work. Very thought provoking and I like it. Would a print be possible?
Congrats on the sale. Love the painting, and your strong style, you immediately recognize it.

I wish you succes on quitting tobacco, I did too, but quite some time ago.
For me cold turkey was best, no patches, chewing gum etc. My idea was that when you are stopping, motivation strongest in the beginning, best to take on the withdawel symptoms straight away and get that part over with (not the whole battle by far btw...). By taking nicotine in an alternative form, you drag out that process.
But it might be the right thing for you, how to quit is not a "one size fits all" kinda thing.

(I am still a raging caffeine addict though....)
Wow Arty! Mazal Tov! Very impressive! A medieval knight riding a mechanical horse in the California desert.... or is it the Judean desert?...
Nice work!!
Thank you Claude. You're funny! I don't have a print available for it now that I just sold the original. Oh well. :(

EJH: Thanks for your words about my work being recognizable. That means everything! I have quit many many times before for very long periods (10 years, two years, etc.) and I am pretty good at it with two weeks of patches and then off. This time it has to be for good.

Nufocus: I feel like it's been an exodus in and out of this desert, so maybe it is like a Judaic desert in many ways. Thank you so much! :)
Congrats on the sale of the painting, I like it very much.
Well done on losing the weight and attempting to improve your physical and mental wellbeing.
Good luck with it all, especially the smoking.
I sincerely admire your will to change.
it is one of my favorite works. good job,
as Maybenatist says, congratulations and best wishes for everything,
and thank you for being an example of inspiration in life and in art.