two recent watercolors


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I moved recently, right into the hospital for 9 days (Oct 2 to 13) before getting to my new home with my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter. The first picture was done with w/c pencils and crayons on 90 lb paper, about ) Oct 9, 2020, the second, same materials, plein air, Oct 24, a tree across the street. from my new home. Both about 6" in height.


I would have never thought of combining watercolor with crayon. It works. :giggle:
Sno, both the Prang crayons and the Derwent pencils I used can be used as they come--dry-- or, spread because they are watercolor, with the addition of water. I do enjoy using them, but will often add "real" watercolor paint. The Prang colors (about 40 years old) are about the same hues as the kids' paints sold in supermarkets, etc. The Derwent basic pencil set is similar, but adding the other paint seems to intensify them.

Arty, thank you.