Tree of Life


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This is a colored pencil and oil pastel piece I did as my first real commission. It's 18x24 inches, Polychromos colored pencil. I hope you guys like it. It took FOREVER 🤣
This is beautiful, Jessie! I'm thrilled to see another oil pastel artist here. :) This does look like a lot of detail work, lots of careful blending. 18x24 - wow! Bet you chewed up some OP's on this one.

Great work! More, please.
This is wonderful, Jessie! There's a lot of work in this. I love the intricacy of the border. :)
Thank you! That border was the bane of my existence some days. I almost had a mini-breakdown when I got done shading it initially and then realized there wasn't enough contrast and I had to do the whole thing yet again. 🤣 Worth it in the end, though!
Holy wow! This is crazy great! I can SEE the time in this. All the subtle blends and shadow. It's really impressive, and it's a great big size too. I'm sure your client was willfully pleased! Very amazing. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️