Trading cards I painted


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Hi people! I hope you are all having happy adventures painting away. It’s nice seeing everyone’s work. I hope to get to know you all better.
Well I got back to painting after 2 years, and decided to do a trade to get the rust out. They are always fun.
I also did a few extra cards and kept a few. I am going to post them all here I think, instead of individual threads. I tried more abstract this time around. I found it a good challenge and enjoyable. It certainly engaged me.
Watercolour and some gouache and ink/ acrylic touches.
References are my photos, or copywrite free images. The canoe painting is a copy of ‘Shooting the Rapids’ by American painter Arthur Heming approx. 1904-7. It was a dining room panel painting.
Traded cards:


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And here are the cards I painted and decided to keep:


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LOVELY! All these sing. I especially love the first and last in your first posting, the one with the many colors clustered together. ♥️
what a wonderful job, they are all wonderful,
flower dog is also a lot of fun,
beautiful gallery,
there are so many works that it is impossible not to love, dog,
the landscape with northern lights,
the house and the night sky with trees or the soldier are such beautiful works, the canoe in the rapid, is such a dynamic piece. but everything,
all are wonderful, nice to see very varied, different works, all together, they are all
spectacular works, space for each work is reduced being cards, but in that space you have created magical works, I am happy that you have returned to painting and that you have shown us these works., very nice to admire them.
Aw, thanks so much Joe. You made my heart feel good. I am trying to grow, in my work and confidence. I find these smaller works a surprisingly good way to “go for it!”. Less on the line than a bigger work. Easier to finish. Not so scared to take a chance pushing myself, experimenting, and risking the work to see what happens. I am really so pleased you enjoyed them. Thanks again for telling me so!🙂🙂🙂
I just wanted to add the reference photo for the dog painting I thought I had included. It came from Scotty Hubs on Instagram. He has a really cute/ funny account featuring his musical dog Gracie.🙂
PaintBoss, true what you say about these works, thinking about it, dimensions can push you to be more daring, you are more inclined to do new jobs, I find these impressions therefore shareable and I must remember them, which then personally, I often find it more beautiful to draw, to be able to make more drawings , or feel freer to start a new one, be freer to continue a design or leave it.
I have now opened the Scotty Hubs istagram page, it's very funny, thank you very much, spiderdog, superdog, or the photos, where it is behind the monitor, lots of fun shots, thanks for pointing it out. your painting sees him in a fantastic pose and he looks amused, smiling. very nice, like all the pieces you posted, thanks to you for publishing them and for inspiration.
regardless of format they are all works of art that are a joy to admire.
Thank you Joe again.🙂 And I am glad you like that funny and silly dog Gracie too. What a dog! She and her owner have a lot of fun together. Lol
Thank you very much Cindy. I appreciate you taking a look and commenting.🙂
Thank you so much Trier! You made my day too.🙂 Love your username. That is the perfect attitude, try, try, try. You get better and braver! There is no substitute for doing. 😁
Happy to see that you posted your paintings. Such a nice collection of work. Like your abstracts, but am really drawn to the soldier.