to the memory of dead artists


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The recent death of Christo made me create this thread with the idea, to have a place for memorizing dead artists.

Milton Glaser died yesterday, Jun 26, 1929 - Jun 26, 2020 (age 91). :cry:

Milton Glaser was an American graphic designer. His designs include the I ❤ NY logo...


... the psychedelic Bob Dylan poster...


(I had this poster on my wall for years)...

...and the logos for DC Comics, Stony Brook University, and Brooklyn Brewery.


His artwork has been featured in exhibits, and placed in permanent collections in many museums worldwide. Throughout his long career, he designed many posters, publications and architectural designs. He received many awards for his work, including the National Medal of the Arts award from President Barack Obama in 2009, and was the first graphic designer to receive this award.






Mad Men Final Season Milton Glaser

RIP Milton Glaser. My dad, a book designer and typographer, knew him. They were at Cooper Union together and still saw each other every so often when I was a kid.
non avevo notato il post prima e non avevo ancora sentito parlare della scomparsa di Christo.
Avevo sentito parlare di Milton Glaser in TV ieri sera
anno sfortunato.
quest'anno anche questi 2 artisti che apprezzo molto sono scomparsi.
Mort Drucker
Nato: 22 marzo 1929, New York, New York, Stati Uniti
Deceduto: 9 aprile 2020, Woodbury, New York, Stati Uniti

unfortunately this year he too passed away.
Mafalda's father.

Quino, pseudonimo di Joaquín Salvador Lavado Tejón (Mendoza, 17 luglio 1932[1]Mendoza, 30 settembre 2020[2]), è stato un fumettista argentino.

the fantastic strip of the little girl who (rightly)
he hates soup and would like world peace. who is very interested in everything that happens in the world. he behaves like other 6-year-olds but then asks questions about the environment and current events, sending the adults into a nervous breakdown.

the little girl with the globe, in the stripes I remember there was the globe. is strong.

RIP Michael K. Williams,
a few days ago, sadly, this fantastic actor passed away prematurely,
Omar Little in the television series The Wire, incredible, and also Albert "Chalky" White in Boardwalk Empire, 2 of the most beautiful series and a lot for him.